Register Now and Save $15 on Mudathlon!

rot3Extra Mile Fitness Company in Valparaiso invites you to try Mudathlon. It is the most fun and muddiest adventure in the Midwest. Now you can save $15 on your Mudathlon entry and join a charity team with one simple code when you register. EMILE14 Here are just a few of the highlights for the 2014 Mudathlon cours right here in Valparaiso, Indiana on July 19th.

Register Here and use the code EMILE14

75-100 foot adventurous slide that will lead you into a muddy pit
100 yard mucking mud pit that is sure to suck the shoes right off your feet if they're not tied tight
Repeat the 100 yard mucking pit - yes, you go through it twice
Natural terrain obstacles along the way as well as man-made obstacles

Need a better visual of what to expect? Check out the photos & videos from previous years. Stay tuned for additional emails providing a peek into other perks included with this amazingly fun event that will have you feeling like a kid all over again!