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MudathlonLogoFulfill your New Year's resolution by registering for Mudathlon today! Come play in the mud, while committing to a healthy lifestyle. The Mucking Crew looks forward to spending our summer in the mud with you!

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Looking to train Mudathlon style? Then purchase a 2014 Mudathlete In Training shirt!

mini-mudMini-Mudathletes Obstacle Course!

Don't forget to register your mini-mudathlete for some fun in the mud! Kid's will have the opportunity to play like the big kids do on mini obstacles. This course is best suited for children ages 4-10, but will accommodate up to age 13.

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Become an Ultimate Mudathlete!
Sure, one Mudathlon is impressive, but what if you completed all three? Not only would you achieve the ultimate bragging rights, but also a mud-tacular plaque to show off your stellar accomplishment! Have mud-covered fun all summer long and join us at multiple Mudathlon locations!

Mud Swag:

  • Mudathlete- Receive a medal, doubling as a bottle opener
  • Double Dirty Mudathlete- Receive a Mudathlon hat, perfect for playing in the mud
  • Ultimate Mudathlete- Receive a custom plaque featuring your muddy picture and a 2014 medal


Heather- 2013 Ultimate Mudathlete

Mudathlon Fashion Tips - 5 Clothing tips to get you ready to conquer the mud!

  • Leave your favorite gear at home- Wear clothes you won't mind ruining or never wearing again.
  • Take it for a test run- Wear your outfit on a run to simulate what it will feel like on race day, maybe even douse yourself in water and set out on your run.
  • If the shoe fits...- Choose an old pair of shoes or ones you are about to retire. Make sure they fit snug around your foot and possibly add tape across your laces for an added precaution.
  • Channel your inner mole- Ditch the contacts and try running with an old pair of glasses you don't mind getting scratched up. Finding a contact lens in a mud pit is probably harder than finding a needle in a haystack.
  • Don't bring the race home with you- You don't need to be reminded of the race every time you see that huge mud stain in your car. Pack a set of clean clothes and a towel or two.

Biggest Loser

Did you catch last week's Biggest Loser episode, featuring a mud run course? Mud runs are a fantastic way to get in shape, while having a mud-tacular time! Be sure to register for your favorite local mud run, Mudathlon!

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