Residences at Coffee Creek Presents “Coffee and A Concert”

Residences at Coffee Creek Presents “Coffee and A Concert”

The newly established senior living community, Residences at Coffee Creek, is known for engaging with its community. Both Coffee Creek and its sister facility, Residences at Deer Creek, in Schererville, are locally owned and operated, which cultivates a strong sense of community and serves the tastes of their patrons.

To enhance their presence in the community, Residences at Coffee Creek sponsored their first Coffee and A Concert right in their backyard, which just so happens to be the scenic Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve. People grabbed their lawn chairs, blankets, family, and friends to enjoy a peaceful afternoon at the Coffee Creek Amphitheater and a delicious cup of joe.

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“We are opening soon and we thought, what better way and what better venue to do something like this,” Natalie Reisen, Marketing Coordinator at Coffee Creek said.

The Red Cup Cafe and Deli of Chesterton supplied complimentary flavored iced coffee and lemonade, the perfect end of summer treat.

“I love to do things in our community,” Laura Verheaghe, owner of the Red Cup, said. “We love to give back because it is an amazing place to live.”

Gerry Hundt, a musician from Illinois, put on quite the performance. As a one-man band, he accompanied himself with a foot drum set, guitar, harmonica, and sang along to classic oldies and original music. It grabbed the attention of Marshall Bernet and his wife, who discovered the concert while taking a tour of Residences at Coffee Creek. They were joyfully bobbing their heads to the beat of the music.

“My grandson and I used to fish over here; it’s beautiful out here,” Bernet said. “This type of event really brings everyone together.”

“We want to embrace this beautiful area that is around us,” Reisen said. “We are so happy to be apart of Coffee Creek and to bring something to the community because it brings so much to us.”

Residences at Coffee Creek is making advancements in their community by reaching out and providing opportunities like these. If you are interested in their outreach or facilities, visit