Residences at Coffee Creek promotes senior health through Wellness Services

Residences at Coffee Creek promotes senior health through Wellness Services

When people think of wellness, some pictures that come to mind are a young, muscular man lifting weights and a young, lean woman running on the side of the road. Aside from fitness, the only thing these mental images have in common is perceived age: both exercisers are young. While wellness is often associated with youth, it is important for people of all ages to be physically active. In fact, the older people get, the more important it is for them to be intentional in taking care of themselves.

At Residences at Coffee Creek, seniors are offered various opportunities to maintain their health and happiness through Wellness Services. The Resident Life Enrichment Committee at Coffee Creek is dedicated to offering ample opportunity for seniors to maintain an active lifestyle. The committee has several exercise classes available to residents, not only so they can partake in physical activities, but also so they can socialize and make friends while doing it.

Finding ways to make physical activity enjoyable, such as including social engagement in exercise classes, motivates seniors to stick with it and improve their emotional state and social involvement. Staying active also alleviates cardiovascular risk and other potential health problems.

At Residences at Coffee Creek, residents can take advantage of a fitness center that is stocked full of safe, easy-to-use equipment, on-site physician care, healthy snacks and meals, and Wellness Wednesday educational programs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. At some locations on the last Friday of every month, Coffee Creek hosts a free class called “Stay Fit Fridays” to encourage seniors to engage with and look after their bodies.

For those who prefer moving outdoors, there are several scenic walking paths around Coffee Creek’s facility. Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve is located right next to the facility, so seniors can meander along the walking paths to exercise while getting a dose of sun to keep them glowing with health. 

According to Residences Senior Living’s blog titled “The Surprising Physical and Mental Benefits of Walking,” the 157-acre preserve is packed with 436 kinds of plant life. Seniors can view these beautiful plants, hear to the peaceful waters, and listen to cheerful birdsong along the paths of the preserve. Taking in the scenery while getting in their exercise allows them to improve both physically and mentally.

Building up one’s physical fortitude is important, but seniors cannot forget to attend to their mental health. While physical activity does improve mental health, mental care does not stop there. Coffee Creek has several offerings for seniors who struggle with forms of dementia or other mental health issues. 

At Coffee Creek, there is an on-site social worker, dementia practitioners, and nurses available to attend to different mental health needs. One special form of treatment that Coffee Creek has made available to residents is Multi-Sensory Dementia Therapy. This allows seniors with dementia to function at a higher level, improving their memory, physical capability, and happiness. 

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