Residences at Coffee Creek Showcases Vintage Cars, Good Clean Fun, and Food

Residences at Coffee Creek Showcases Vintage Cars, Good Clean Fun, and Food

Many community members love going to car shows – vintage cars bring back good memories, while more recent vehicles are new and exciting to see. On May 29, members of Winamac Old Auto Club gathered together and displayed their cars at Coffee Creek’s Car Show.

Residences at Coffee Creek hosted this event and provided free meals during the car show, along with treats, like funnel cake and ice cream. They also provided live music from the band Good Clean Fun.

Larry Reynolds, one of the Winamac Old Auto Club members, brought his 1978 Lincoln Mark V Cartier Edition to the car show.

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“I’ve belonged to the car club for a long time. And I’ve always had old cars, mostly British. This is one of the few American cars I’ve ever owned,” Reynolds said.

Another member, Roland Leonhardt, brought his 1965 Ford Galaxie. His favorite part about car shows is the comradery.

“We all have the same thing in common,” Leonhardt said. “We all have different cars, different tastes, but we try and keep them running.”

The oldest car there was a 1908 Buick, owned by Don Obermeyer. He said his grandfather bought the car and it’s been in his family ever since.

Natalie Reisen is the marketing coordinator for Residences at Coffee Creek, and she enjoys planning the events and connecting with the community.

“Planning it is a lot of fun. We do one social event every month, and it really gives the community the opportunity to come and see us. My favorite part is getting to showcase our food, which is really delicious, showcase our brand new community, and give the residents something fun to do,” Reisen said. “It’s a good free option for the community member who wants to try something different, and maybe get out and do something social.”

Those who attended the event enjoyed seeing the different kinds of cars, both new and old.

“It’s a good draw. A lot of people are interested in antique cars and I can appreciate the work that those fellows have put in to make those cars what they are,” Bruce Balsley an attender at the car show, said.

Pam Balsley likes looking at the different cars because it brings back memories. She also enjoys the various events Residences at Coffee Creek hosts.

“This place always does a nice job of whatever they put on for the public,” said Balsey.

Scott Varnes, sous chef at Residences at Coffee Creek, said that events like this benefit the community because community members can meet different people and become familiarized with Residences at Coffee Creek.

“A lot of them travel together – seniors in groups – but a lot of them are meeting each other for the first time as well, so you would be surprised how many residents we have gained through coming to these events,” Varnes said.

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