Residences at Deer Creek Hosts Flag Dedication Ceremony

Residences at Deer Creek hosted a flag dedication ceremony in late August to pay homage to the men and women who served and continue to serve our country, and the high flying symbol of freedom, hope, pride, and sacrifices made for our nation – the American flag.

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“I am deeply touched by your presence here today,” Executive Director at Residences at Deer Creek, Karen Ayersman said. “I honor all of you who served our country regardless of what war you served in, whether you were enlisted, noncommissioned, or an officer… I cannot tell you how much I and the rest of us here at Residences at Deer Creek appreciate you and admire you and thank God for you.”

Residents and guests gathered to watch the ceremony, taking in the sight of military veterans performing their patriotic duties. The VFW #717 and veteran Bob Waltman performed the folding of the American flag while Cindy Horgash read the meaning behind each of the 13 folds. Everyone watched in honored silence as the final fold was tucked in leaving white stars showing over deep blue atop the neat bundle.

Patriotic music was performed by Valparaiso University graduate Gianna Richardson and resident and veteran Harold Hill. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and all veterans in attendance were named and honored with applause.

The ceremony ended with the reading of a poem titled “Hello, Remember Me”, reminding all of us that our flag represents the lives lost the freedoms won for our country and we should treat it with respect and not forget its symbolism. The poem’s message was punctuated by a traditional rifle salute and the playing of the somber, memory-evoking tune “Taps”.

Please thank the veterans in your life for their service and those you happen across by chance encounter. They did and do things that many of us won’t dare try. And always give the American flag the respect that it deserves. Many Americans have fought for what it symbolizes and many have died for it so that we could all freely give it a few moments of reverence.