Reveal Clear Aligners offer straight smiler, faster than braces

Reveal Clear Aligners offer straight smiler, faster than braces

If having a straight smile is on your list and you’re considering the latest treatment – clear aligners – it’s important to know the benefits of working with a dentist in-person. Michael Uzelac, DDS, founder of Dental Arts Group in Valparaiso, offers Reveal Clear Aligners as an affordable, discreet, simple way of obtaining a straight smile. But to do it well requires expertise and personalized care.   

Clear aligners like Reveal have revolutionized the orthodontic industry. Thanks to recent advancements, treatment using aligners is more comfortable and less noticeable than traditional braces, but still highly effective in straightening teeth and aligning the jaw.                     

“Most people don’t want to wear braces anymore. Clear aligners are a much easier and aesthetic way of straightening smiles today,” Uzelac said. “Reveal Clear Aligners take your teeth from A to Z at a much faster rate than traditional braces.”

What are Reveal Clear Aligners?

Reveal Clear Aligners are a series of clear, lightweight plastic trays that look like mouth guards and correct misaligned teeth with permanent dentition. With continuous use, the Reveal Clear Aligners move teeth gradually to bring the teeth into alignment. The trays are custom-made for each patient. 

Unlike other clear aligner brands, Reveal does not require attachments to be glued to your teeth to control tooth movement. Attachments can be an aggravation and require additional time at the dentist’s office. With Reveal, you wear each tray for two weeks to gradually align the teeth, and the trays are less noticeable and resistant to stain

Reveal was strategically designed to eliminate the need for attachments and uses a unique material and manufacturing process that results in a secure fit to hug the teeth. 

Clear aligners are typically for adults who have previously had braces or those who do not require adjustments to their bite. 

The Process:

The experienced professionals at Dental Arts Group make the process of obtaining Reveal Clear Aligners easy, and there is no need to see an orthodontist during the process.

“We first start by taking impressions of the client’s teeth,” Uzelac said. “The impressions are sent to a lab where they are digitized and processed through and incredibly sophisticated software. They are able to see exactly how far a tooth will move within a certain amount of days.”

It takes the right approach and a certain level of experience and expertise to obtain the perfect fit for the aligners. Dental Arts Group offers that, right in Valparaiso

“I’ve been a dentist for 37 years and taking a perfect set of impressions is difficult,” Uzelac said. “In order for clear aligners to work, you have to have perfect impressions.”

While it may seem appealing to experiment with a clear aligner DIY kit that other companies send in the mail, Uzelac cautioned that personal, professional oversight is lacking there and could result in non-effective aligners.

For more information about getting the straight smile you’ve always wanted, at a convenient location in Valparaiso, guided by an experienced dentist and dental staff, visit Dental Arts Group online or call 219-464-8532.