Rhame & Elwood Attorney Adam Mindel Is Always Working to Serve His Community

AdamMindelAdam Mindel, a lawyer who works for Rhame & Elwood has two simple goals when it comes to his life and career. He aims to help as many people as possible through the assistance of the legal system and to become well-rounded in his knowledge of the law. Adam is here to help people and through Rhame & Elwood, is given this opportunity every day.

“I come from a family of lawyers,” says Mindel. “My father Alan was a lawyer for 40 years along with my sister Stacey and brother-in-law Dan, who currently have their own law firm Whitten and Whitten.”

Mindel however didn’t always aspire to become a lawyer. When he was younger he originally wanted to work in IT, but as the years progressed, Mindel eventually decided to enter the law field attending Valparaiso University after achieving his undergraduate at Purdue West Lafayette.

Adam began his time at Rhame & Elwood working part time for a year and half. Adam then met with Ken Elwood through a case that his brother-in-law was also working on. After being impressed by Adam’s work, he offered him a full-time position.

“Ken is a great person to work with,” says Mindel. “He’s very detail oriented. He has a plan and is able to bring results from that plan.”

Mindel also mentions how Ken’s ability to plan ahead helps both inside and outside the office. “Ken is always able to delegate duties and explain things in ways that make sense, he always sees the big picture.”

While Mindel works mainly with social security based cases, he is always looking to expand his knowledge and is ready to help those who come to him with need of legal advice.

“I remember one time a gentleman was unable to work and receive benefits after working 40 years at a steel mill,” says Mindel. “It was a long pending process, he was struggling to make rent and I was able to help him so he would receive enough help that he could support himself and his family. It was a great feeling to be able to help him and his family out.”

When Mindel is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and dog, along with many physical activities such as wakeboarding and reading some his favorite authors like J.D. Salinger and Kurt Vonnegut.

However when he’s out of the office, Mindel never puts aside his duty to help others aside, nor does he ever completely leave his job, Mindel is always committed to his job and his duty to help the community.

“My father always told me that law is not a 9 to 5 job,” says Mindel. “It’s a job that always requires me to be on and willing to work even out of the office. I’m always ready to do my job, and I’m always working to becoming a better-rounded person.”