Ribbon Cutting at Porter County Career and Tech Center

Ribbon Cutting at Porter County Career and Tech Center

The Porter County Career and Technical Center (PCCTC) has helped empower young people to make meaningful career choices through intermediate classes since 1971. The PCCTC has offered hands-on, real-world experience to thousands of students throughout the years and continues to do so. The classes are designed to prepare teens as they enter college or the workforce. Such classes include nursing, video production, machine trade, graphic design and much more.

On Tuesday, PCCTC faculty, staff and students proudly presented the newly added renovations, including a new T.V. studio and a new machine trades building.

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Students from every program met with attendees and spoke about the impact of PCCTC. Many spoke of the importance of the vocational program and how they are already benefiting from their advanced courses.

“This classes has helped me so much in only the first three months I’ve been here, and I’m excited with what’s going to come with the new equipment and studio,” Katherine Davis, sophomore student in the Video Production program said.

“Our [T.V.] studio was basically a closet and now we have so much more room for the studio and the control room. With the help of a grant, we were able to get new 4k cameras and new computers,” Davis said.

The renovations were made possible by a 2015 tax referendum in Valparaiso that allowed the career center to upgrade classes and expand.

“We added about 7,500 square-feet, and were able to upgrade about seven different labs,” Jon Groth, Principal of the Porter County Career Center said. “We built a T.V. studio in our television production lab and a CAD lab. The addition doubled the size of the machine trade program and will allow us to double our enrollment in that program.”

“Our programs are second to none,” Debbie Fray said, Valpo school teacher said. “The school is interesting because it goes beyond just Valparaiso community school students, but serves the entire county in many ways. Kids that don’t go to Valpo have an opportunity to participate as well,” Fray said.

It is clear that the additions and renovations have benefited students at Porter County Career and Technical Center. For more information about enrollment and classes, visit www.pccte.org.