Rittenhouse Valparaiso Hosts Purdue Glee Club

Rittenhouse Valparaiso Hosts Purdue Glee Club

What’s a better way to spend a snowy Sunday than experiencing a performance of the Purdue Varsity Glee Club?

Many people were able to enjoy hits like “Over the Rainbow,” “Bridge over Troubled Water” and “In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening.” The Purdue Glee Club performs gospel, swing, contemporary hits, classical choral songs, barbershop, patriotic standards, country, and show tunes. There are even a few small groups and soloists involved in each show.

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Before the show today, the group of more than 80 boys visited Rittenhouse Valparaiso, where they enjoyed a meal and then sang a few songs for residents in their dining room.

“It was nice. Rittenhouse hosted us, and we were able to sing while everyone was eating. They really seemed to enjoy it, everyone was clapping and having a good time,” said John Keil, a junior that performs with the Purdue Glee Club.

Urschel Laboratories presented the concert at Chesterton High School this afternoon, and the Kiwanis Club hosted it. The concert turned out to be a great way for the Kiwanis Club to raise funds to help children and families in Valparaiso and some state, national and international Kiwanis projects.

“We love performing near Valpo because there are always alums that come back and visit us. We invite them onstage for a song, and it’s a special experience.” said William Griffel, the Director of the Purdue Glee Club.

After the show, each man in the Glee Club presented a woman in the audience with the carnation from their lapel.

The lobby of Chesteron High School filled with music as the Glee Club performed a song surrounded by the audience.