Rittenhouse Villages at Valparaiso Hosts Winamac Old Auto Club at Annual Car Show

Rittenhouse Villages at Valparaiso Hosts Winamac Old Auto Club at Annual Car Show

On June 21st, Rittenhouse Village at Valparaiso hosted their annual classic car show. The sun was shining on this beautiful day where members of the public, and the residents of  Rittenhouse Village came together to share food, cool classic cars, and fond memories.

Natalie Reisen, the ‎Senior Lifestyle Counselor at Rittenhouse, helps with the marketing and putting events like the car show together for the residents. Rittenhouse partnered with the Winamac Car Club and the American Heart Association to raise some funds while residents could have fun at this great event. The Winamac Old Auto Club provided the majority of the cars in the show, while the Rittenhouse provided the $5 fundraiser lunch. The proceeds were donated to the American Heart Association.

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Erin Crawford, Events Director in Northwest Indiana for the American Heart Association, was manning the Heart Association’s booth at the car show. She said, “Everyone has a heart, and we all know someone who has been touched by heart disease. It’s important to have these events to bring awareness to the community. Any time there is a community event, we try to be involved some way, shape, or form.”

This is the Rittenhouse’s 5th year hosting the car show. Reisen said, “This is great for the residents because we actually have residents that were part of the Winamac Old Auto Club. It is good for the community because it gets folks to stop by, so we’re offering free community tours today.”

Howard Hollenbaugh, a 92-year-old resident at Rittenhouse, was moving all over the lot looking at cars like a kid in a candy shop. He used to be a member of the Winamac Old Auto Car Club before he moved to the Rittenhouse Village.

“I love it here!" he exclaimed. "I love being in town now. I think events like this are great.”

Reisen and the Rittenhouse host many events like the car show throughout the year to keep the residents active and bring the community together. Reisen said, “We have a whole calendar of events that are geared toward the community, the residents, and their families to enjoy.”

George Grogloth, a member of the Winamac Old Auto Club, organizes many events that partner with retirement centers and was showing off his old Ford at the show. He grew up in the club, he has been a member since he was seven years old. His father had been the president in 1957.

“The people really enjoy us coming out. The people come out to look, and the stories we hear from them about the cars they use to have are just amazing.” Grogloth said, “I think the car shows bring them back into their younger days where they remember having cars like these, and the things they use to do in them.”

Glen Ewen, President of the Winamac Old Auto Club, has been a member for 22 years. Ewen grew up on a farm loving cars and working on this all his life.

“Joining the Winamac Old Auto Club was the best thing I could have done in my life! The people are wonderful, and I’ve made so many friends through the years!” he said.“I always loved the wheel, I was brought up on a farm, and I couldn’t wait until I could drive a tractor, then a truck, and then cars!”

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