Ruby’s Top Ten Pet Picks for Christmas!

Christmas is nearly here and as you are running around picking up those last minute gifts, don’t forget to stuff a stocking for your furry four-legged companion! Our pets are always there for us, so make them feel special this Christmas with help from the experts at Smoochie Pooch, who know what pets want! Here are the top ten picks from Ruby, local rescued dog and big Smoochie Pooch fan!

Every pet likes to eat- so make sure you feed them something nutritious! Smoochie Pooch carries Wellness Simple, a limited ingredient dog food that is great for the skin and coat, especially for dogs with allergies. With a variety of flavors available, every dog will be happy to find Wellness Simple in their bowl! Prices range from $15.99 to $59.99 a bag.

Give your pet something to chew on this holiday! Barkworthies Chews are delicious and engaging for your chewer, coming in many varieties including voicebox of pig, bully sticks, kangaroo jerky, and lamb ribs. Prices range from $1 to $20.

When it’s time to reward Fido, give him Zukes treats! These tasty bits are all natural and come in a multitude of offerings, from dog biscuits, to edible dental chews or jerky bites. These treats range in prices from $6.25 to $7.

100% whole beef in a can? Yes please! Evanger’s Premium Hunk of Beef is packaged by hand in the can, then cooked in its own juices- incredibly tasty and flavorful, sure to make your pet’s mouth water! At $2.34 a can, it won’t break the bank either!

Bring a taste of the island to your pet’s diet, with Tiki Cat and Dog! These canned foods are whole, featuring combinations of fish, chicken, potato, egg, and more! You can actually see whole shrimps, shredded chicken, and other tasty morsels in the can! These products are even USDA certified for human consumption, so you know your pet is getting the absolute best. Prices range from $1 to $3.99.

If you’re anything like Ruby, keeping ears clean is very important! Lisa Leady K-9 Miracle Ear Elixir not only is gentle enough for a daily cleanse, but also helps clear up issues such as bacterial and yeast infections, ear wax, and ear odor. The essential oils in the elixir help reduce inflammation, making the cleaning a pain free experience. Price: $11.95 for a bottle that will last you awhile!

Want to give your canine or feline a professional clean for a great price? Super Coats Derma Pure Shampoo is the product of professionals, designed to keep their coat in optimum health. Bottles are $10.25 but will last you awhile- all you need is a few pumps in a bottle, dilute with water, and viola! A long lasting cleaner!

Want to feed your pet great nutritious foods while supporting another local business? JJ Fuds Raw Diet food is owned and operated by a local Valparaiso family! The meat is so fresh it needs to be kept cool! Price: $10.

Ruby is a chewer, and a strong one at that. To keep your pet with the muscular jaws entertained, Smoochie Pooch carries a line of HuggleHounds! These toys are TOUGH, with triple stitching and limbs that connect through the body in an “X-Brace Construction” to extend the toy’s life. These durable toys range in price from $8 to $29.99.

Lastly, every pet wants to lounge in comfort so pick up a bed from the assortment Smoochie Pooch carries! Prices range from $18 to $49.99.