Running Vines Let the People Meet the Winemaker

Running Vines Winery held an in depth wine education event in mid-September called Meet the Winemaker. Lucky individuals got a chance to spend an intimate evening with Walter Novosel, the man who creates the delicious vinos that Running Vines serves.

Novosel is the cousin of Nicole Caylor, owner of Running Vines. The twain came together to open the winery last year and in May of 2015 Running Vines opened its doors to the public who waited eagerly. Since then, Caylor has been active in marketing her business through fun events and catering to the prevalent running community in Northwest Indiana. Caylor is a runner as is Novosel. The name “Running Vines” is a play on words as it pays homage to running as well as to the way grape vines grow.

This event was extra special because it was the first event to ever be held in Running Vines’ new Barrel Room. This room is reminiscent of a wine cellar with a speakeasy twist. The room lies underneath the winery and can be entered through a back entrance or via front stairwell. Beautiful brick walls encase the space, and the bar is set up on wine barrels. This space will be used for private events that can seat up to 40 people. It’s an excellent venue to consider for birthday parties, anniversary dinners, or any other occasion that involves the gathering of friends and wine.

“We’ve been feverishly working on this for the last six weeks to get it ready,” Caylor said. “It took a lot of construction and a lot of work but I think it turned out really nice and people will love it for parties and tastings.”

Guest gathered at tables and listened as Novosel gave them quite an education. He taught the intricate procedures and protocol to properly enjoy wine and then the reasonings for them so that everyone would not only know the how, but the why behind it. He also explained common things heard about when the topic of wine emerges like tannins, pairings, cork taint, palette, etc. He showed guests how to pair wines with different food, how to properly prepare to taste wine to get the full experience and to taste the flavors in each sip, and more.

“The engineering mind in me feels that it’s important to educate people on not only how to drink and pair wines, but why they are doing it a certain way. I was lucky to learn the trade from some very knowledgeable people and I love spreading that knowledge,” Novosel said.

Antipasto platters, flat breads, and caprese salads were served, and guests were able to pair different wines with the different foods. Some of the edibles like mozzarella cheese were lighter in flavor so guests tried it with a lighter wine like a chardonnay. Then heavier flavored foods were paired with the heavier flavored wines like Cabernet Sauvignon.

Pairing a mild item with a strongly flavored item will often result in one flavor dominating the palette. Novosel suggested to pair like with like, but also said that an open mind will make the experience that much better because traditional wine pairing ideals don’t always work.

“Be willing to try something new and experiment,” Novosel said.

Everyone had a wonderful time drinking delicious wine and learning scads of information about the wine world. Running Vines hosts many events that cater to the tastes of all kinds of individuals so if you are looking for a fun thing to do then go check out Running Vines. There is bound to be something fun ready for you and yours.