Running Vines Winery celebrates the spooky season with Trick-or-Treat Bash

Running Vines Winery celebrates the spooky season with Trick-or-Treat Bash

Running Vines Winery took trick-or-treating to a whole new level on Friday, October 28 with its family-friendly Trick-Or-Treat Bash. During Chesterton’s annual downtown trick-or-treat, little monsters and ghosts could take a delightful break from prowling the streets and stop in with their parents to enjoy all kinds of Halloween-themed treats and music. It was a spooky good time for everyone. 

Running Vines has always participated in the downtown trick-or-treat by passing out candy and offering fun holiday drinks, but this year the team wanted to get into the spooky spirit and give the kids a space to have some extra fun. 

“My favorite part of this event is just seeing all the kids enjoy the space. We are a kid-friendly space, but we’re not typically overflowing with children. So, it’s just nice to see all the kids enjoy themselves and get to interact with them,” said Dick Clarke, Event Manager. 

For the event, Running Vines came up with all kinds of spine-tingling, non-alcoholic drinks for the kids. There was the Grave Digger-- a creative take on hot chocolate topped with creepy crawly gummy worms. There was the Monster Mash, which is a delicious kiwi-strawberry slushie topped with every sugary topping you can think of. Last but not least, there was Vampire Punch, which is a cherry slushie topped with a mountain of whipped cream and served with a neat set of vampire teeth. 

Kids decked out in their favorite costumes and had a blast sucking down every last drop of these colorful concoctions, and the parents didn’t have such a bad time themselves sipping on their delicious drinks. Not to mention, while everyone was savoring their Halloween treats, they got to enjoy some live music. 

“I think it’s so much fun. It’s the perfect excuse for kids and adults alike to be kids at heart today. All the little kids dress up in costumes, and I love that the high schoolers come out as well. Even the families get dressed up together in matching costumes. It’s a great time,” said Nicki Caylor, Owner of Running Vines. 

The Trick-Or-Treat Bash was ultimately a huge success--Caylor and her team can’t wait to keep brainstorming ideas and hold even more fun events in the future. 

“We just want to keep coming up with more fun stuff for people to do and keep the community engaged. We love the community and we love being involved,” said Caylor. 

Caylor is incredibly grateful to the Duneland Chamber of Commerce for holding such a great Halloween celebration for the community. She’s proud that Running Vines got to take part it in and add something a little extra fun. 

“The Duneland Chamber of Commerce does such an awesome job of throwing events for us here in downtown Chesterton. They do such a great job between the downtown trick-or-treat, the Hometown Holiday celebration, the Twilight parade, and the Mistletoe Market. I’m just really grateful for everything they do and I’m grateful that we get to be a part of it,” said Caylor. 

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