Ryan Kotys of Kotys Wealth Professionals, a Teammate to Clients

Ryan Kotys of Kotys Wealth Professionals, a Teammate to Clients

The role of a financial advisor comes with a lot of responsibilty. Ryan Kotys, Financial Advisor for Kotys Wealth Professionals, summarized his job description in the clearest and most innovative way: “As an advisor, my goals are really to be a teammate of our clients,” Kotys said.

“The clients make the job. They make it a joy to work here. And we want our clients to feel empowered when they walk out of here,” Kotys said. “In a way, we work in relationship building and strengthening, to help prepare people for the future. The challenge is to keep it personable. It’s not a transactional business, it’s a relational business.”

Kotys has been with the company since 2009, and his track record of happy clients mirrors his success in the role. Kotys Wealth Professionals is the only firm in the area that operates as a fee-only RIA; in other words, Kotys Wealth does not sell products and the employees do not make commission. Instead, the company provides holistic financial planning to help clients build, manage, grow, and protect their assets through life's transitions. Kotys Wealth upholds a fiduciary oath to do what is in the best interest of their clients 100% of the time. The company has been voted Best Wealth Advisory Firm in the Greater South Bend/Michiana area by Northwest Indiana Business Magazine, as well as recognized in the Financial Advisor magazine for the past three years. With a strong team committed to their holistic approach, it's no wonder Kotys Wealth Professionals have made a name for themselves. Ryan Kotys is part of that fabric.

As a Financial Planner, Kotys finds a sense of joy being a part of every financial plan, inputting all the data, and, in turn, helping to create a road map for clients' future. Be it an individual household or a company, no two clients are alike.

“I think that’s where my role is a little unique; every client is different, so every day is different,” Kotys said. “Everyone has a different scenario they’re trying to accomplish, and I get to help create and navigate a plan for them.”

Ryan Kotys also manages Corporate 401(k) Employee Retirement Plans, another service in which Kotys Wealth specializes.

Kotys said that his clients are the driving force behind his continuous goal for improvement.

The Kotys Wealth team must be doing something right, because their reputation speaks for itself. The company has acquired loyal clients throughout the community and across the country, in states as far as Arizona and Alaska.

“Those relationships are a testament of previous relationships we’ve built,” Kotys explained. “For example, we have a relationship with a business owner in Alaska, and so many relationships have stemmed from that one relationship being so strong. They’re all a testament of trying to steward the strengths we have here and doing the right thing by our clients.”

Even with cross-country relationships, Kotys and the rest of his team have a very special connection to the Valparaiso area.

“You know, we grew up here, and I think we carry that feeling of home to the client. We’re involved in the community, we give back, and we truly care,” Kotys said. “Our clients have grown up to work hard, to be steadfast, to live within their means. I think there’s a realism about this community. Our clients' goals are always focused on what matters: preparing for and bettering their futures.”

Kotys certainly possesses his own sense of realism; he clearly cares about his clients, offering his insight with a smile that reflected in his eyes. That smile grew when he spoke about his team, and since the team doubles as his family, it’s easy to see why.

Kotys and his brother are second generation to the industry, following in their father’s footsteps. With his degree in business management and marketing from Purdue University, Kotys never strayed far from the financial planning field; ultimately, the family ties drew Kotys to the family business.

"We’re family, so that makes it a joy to work here; we're comfortable with each other and we communicate well,” Kotys said. “Because of that clear communication and familiarity, we like to challenge each other, too.”

When Kotys is not at work, he can usually be found on the golf course.

“Golfing is actually where I meet a lot of people outside of work,” Kotys said. “Playing with people that I don’t know or have never met before, finding things we have in common, that’s my favorite thing about it.”

At the end of the day, Kotys is ready to be a teammate to his clients and help guide them to achieve their dreams. To learn how Kotys Wealth Professionals can help you achieve your dreams, visit their website  today.