Sabrina Reyelts: Leasing consultant, aspiring teacher, crime show enthusiast

Sabrina Reyelts: Leasing consultant, aspiring teacher, crime show enthusiast

Born in Monschau, Germany on an air force base, Sabrina Reyelts, Leasing Consultant at The Lakes of Valparaiso, lived outside of the United States until she was two-years-old when she moved to Indianapolis, Indiana. She lived there until high school when she attended Avon High School just outside of the city. Reyelts just recently moved up to DeMotte, Indiana about three years ago when she got married to her husband. 

When Reyelts joined The Lakes of Valparaiso team last July as a leasing consultant, she was immediately struck by the level of care and service that goes into the everyday features that add to the apartment community’s one-stop-shop feel. 

“I love our fitness center and think it’s such a great thing to have right in people’s backyards, especially with everyone being so health-conscience today,” she said. “I love the atmosphere of our clubhouse. Football games on TV are always fun because we will have a ton of people come in, sit down, watch the games, cheer on their favorite teams, all while enjoying time with other residents in the community.” 

“Plus, the apartments are unique and incredible—you can’t beat the closet space they have,” she added. “Compared to other apartment communities around us, we create a really comfortable situation for our residents.” 

As a leasing consultant, she is in constant communication with residents, working with them to ensure their time in the community is comfortable and up to The Lakes of Valparaiso’s standards. She puts work orders into the system, leases new apartments to new residents and gives tours to potential renters and follows up with interested parties to see if they have any questions or are ready to sign on lease. 

Reyelts builds lasting relationships with the residents, providing quality service for whatever they need. It’s a trait important in not only her position as a leasing consultant, but also her future career as a teacher. 

Reyelts is currently working towards her bachelor’s degree in kindergarten through eighth-grade education, a career where the customer service and communication skills she has gained will transfer to her time in the classroom and work together with the skills she learns while finishing her degree. 

“In customer service, you have to learn how to listen to people and understand what their needs and wants are,” she said. “As I become a teacher in a classroom, I’m going to have to do the same thing with my students. I’m not just going to be teaching a classroom, I’m going to be teaching however many individual people there are in the classroom. I have to make sure I cater to everybody and work with their strengths and what they need to work on.” 

In her free time, Reyelts loves to read, do anything artistic, and spend time with her husband, her stepdaughter, and their cat. She can be found watching crime shows on TV like "Forensic Files," "The First 48," and real-life crime documentaries. 

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