Saint Paul 6th Graders Relive the Mediterranean Empires

Saint-Paul-6th-Graders-Relive-the-Mediterranean-EmpiresOn Friday, April 10, the Saint Paul Catholic School gymnasium was buzzing with activity as the 6th grade presented their "Welcome to the Mediterranean Empires" project. The students had been studying the ancient Roman and Greek empires in their Social Studies classes. Each student was assigned a person from this era (from Archimedes to Julius Caesar), and spent two weeks researching: using both the rolling computer lab and books from our library.

Using this information, the students put together unique costumes and wrote speeches as if they were the Greek or Roman figure from history. As kindergarten through 8th grade students, as well as parents, teachers, and staff filed by, the "statues" came to life at the 'touch of a button' and regaled the crowd with their stories. We are so proud of the 6th grade and all of their hard work!