Sand Creek Country Club Defies Winter with Indoor Golf Facility

Sand Creek Country Club Defies Winter with Indoor Golf Facility
By: Jessica Campbell Last Updated: December 29, 2016

When the cold and darkness comes to those who spend their time outside what do they do? Runners hop on the treadmill, swimmers dive back into the indoor pools, and some, well, they head down to Florida.

But those who golf at the Sand Creek Country Club have another option, the indoor golf facility located on the lower level of the country club.

Over the past 10 plus years, the facility has grown into a well-equipped temporary room to play and practice in, Sand Creek Head Golf Professional Cory Blanchard said.

When the outdoor course is closed, the indoor is open and ready to accommodate the golfers. Usually, the room is opened between the months of December through March, he added.

“Some members have the mindset that once the golf course closes it’s done. Golf is golf, and they don’t want to do anything other than play on the golf course,” he said. “Others who use it are retired and do it everyday or are people who want to work on their swing.”

Throughout the few months, Blanchard guesses there are about 40 members who utilize the facility regularly.

The room is divided into a golf studio and a space used for storage, mostly for the numerous golf carts owned by the club.

The golf practice area includes a 30-foot long, 10-foot wide putting area and two hitting bays, each 15-foot long, 10-foot wide. There is furniture in the back so kids and non-golfers can sit or watch one of the televisions placed inside while their golfer practices.

“Each year we have added a few different things,” Blanchard said. “There have been a lot of little tweaks and ways to make it better.”

Several years ago, the club staff added the holes into the cement ground to putt into. And, last year the club purchased a computer with radar technology to track a person’s swing speed, ball speed, ball distance, the angle of the clubhead on the ball when connected, and many more statistics, all to help current and future players.

The country club offers lessons at any age, in which the individual stations inside help greatly, he added.

The indoor facility is used for hosting events for companies and businesses, lessons (group and individual), a Ladies Night series, and more competitions, like the upcoming Junior Winter League.

Lessons and events like the winter league are ways the staff are trying to keep kids with the sport, Blanchard explained.

Sand Creek is known for their golf course, the 27-hole course where hundreds of their members practice. Whether inside or outside, the golf game is strong at the club.

“Some people will take 30 lessons a year and all they really want to do is just get better,” he said. “They take it pretty seriously. It is one of those games that can you drive you crazy.”

The indoor facility is just one of the above and beyond features of the Sand Creek Country Club. Every year, the club is improved and expanded in some way to better the lives of its members. Right now, the club is adding a Kids Activity Center, so that parents can use the golf facility or the gym and have their kids entertained by Sand Creek employees, Blanchard said.

“A lot of places don’t have things like this,” Blanchard said, as he shuffled the small golf ball into one of the holes. “Most club houses shut down in the winter.”

Whether you’re a Sand Creek member who has been playing golf for years, or still learning the proper grip technique, the indoor golf facility is always open in the winter, guaranteeing your love for the game year-round.