Sand Creek Country Club Employee in the Spotlight: Jill McCoy

Sand Creek Country Club Employee in the Spotlight: Jill McCoy
By: Kayla Belec Last Updated: July 30, 2018

When a person finds a work environment where she feels right at home, she circles back to it even after she’s looked elsewhere. Jill McCoy was Sand Creek Country Club’s assistant professional golfer from 2006-2012 and left to find another professional opportunity. Having remained in touch with the Sand Creek team, McCoy jumped at a new opportunity to instruct golf—she always wanted to teach, and she loved working at the club. This past March, McCoy returned to Sand Creek as Director of Instruction.

As Director of Instruction, McCoy is tasked with teaching golf to everyone and anyone.

“I teach kids, teenagers, adults, men, women, seniors,” McCoy said, ticking off the list with a laugh.

McCoy’s classes vary with the different ages and levels of golfers she instructs. She also works with practice teams who are looking to improve their game, and elite teams that compete and play other courses in the area. Suffice it today, her work days are pretty full.

“This summer, I’ve started out my days with some sort of junior program, mostly with high school-aged students,” McCoy said. “Next, I’ll have an elite academy class, a pretty serious and in depth class where we work on a lot of course management combined with a lot of instruction. From there I do three to five private lessons with kids, men, and women, and then I usually end my day with more junior golf.”

The most challenging part of McCoy’s job is unsurprising when one considers her job description. While she said that every age range comes with its own unique challenges, the youngest students are probably the biggest test.

“Really, the name of the game there is safety,” McCoy said. “And just keeping everyone engaged, because you can’t have 20 kids hitting golf balls all at one time! So, it’s a very fast-paced setting where you’re trying to get each kid to hit the ball as quickly as they can, because when [the other kids] stand around too long, well, that’s when they like to get into trouble…”

Difficulties aside, McCoy wouldn’t trade her job for anything—nor would she rather work anywhere else.

“In all the years that I’ve been [at Sand Creek] now, I’ve just always felt that it’s been very friendly, very inviting, very well-managed,” McCoy said. “I’ve always known what to expect and what’s going to be happening day-to-day, and the membership as a whole is just a great group—everyone is very easy to get along with. A very, very inviting environment, from all sides.”

When she’s not teaching, McCoy can be found running or spending time with her family—or a combination of the two.

“My daughters love to go out with me and ride their bikes while I run,” McCoy said with a smile in her voice.

To find out more about McCoy’s classes, plus other membership opportunities, visit their website.