Sand Creek Country Club Throws Labor Day Celebration for Community

Sand Creek Country Club Throws Labor Day Celebration for Community
By: Contributor Last Updated: September 4, 2017

Fireworks, music, food, and a love for the community are what brought the members and guests of Sand Creek Country Club together for a beautiful Labor Day celebration. Sand Creek Country Club is located in Chesterton and hosts an annual Labor Day celebration to provide the community with fun end of summer festivities.

This event is not only the biggest event of the year, bringing in over 400 people, but is also a tradition. Amy Cushway, Director of Food and Beverage, has been at Sand Creek for 25 years. For her, this event represents not only a tradition, but team effort as well.

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“We have a lot of summer events, but not one as big this,” Cushway explained. “It’s a Labor Day tradition here at Sand Creek.”

Cushway and her team members do a superb job of making sure everyone feels special.

“They should feel special when they’re here and that’s what were here to do,” Cushway said, “People really look forward to this event, it’s the one they bring their core family to, and they just come out and have a great time.”

Tradition is not the only thing that brings the community to the Labor Day Celebration. For some, like Emily Hunt and her family, this event holds a special place in their hearts due to the memories they've created in previous years. It is at this event where Emily was introduced to her in-laws, and eventually her husband. Hunt was looking forward to spending this time with her family.

“It’s family time you know? Hunt stated, “It’s the best, its tradition”.

Many realize the importance community events such as this one. Rugby Popa is on the Board of Directors for the Sand Creek community Home Owners’ Association and truly enjoys the event each year.

“Events like this bring the whole community together,” Popa said, “It brings families together. It encourages community unity and the kids all get to have a great time. It’s a great end of summer celebration.”

Events like this are healthy for the community, as Popa explained. People enjoying food, laughing, listening to music, and sharing stories is what makes Sand Creek Country Club a special place for everyone. By bringing the community together, people not only learn from each other and continue to prosper, but also make memories that will last a life time.

For anyone looking to create great memories, Sand Creek is the perfect place. With over six months of preparation for the Labor Day event, and many other events hosted throughout the year, it's no wonder that great memories are made there. This years Labor Day Celebration was no exception as families gathered together to close out summer.

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