Sand Creek Women’s Golf Association Hosts Annual Diva Day, Transforms Course Into Parisian Delight

Sand Creek Women’s Golf Association Hosts Annual Diva Day, Transforms Course Into Parisian Delight
By: Dan Petreikis Last Updated: August 2, 2018

Gloria Sellhorn left her Valparaiso home this morning heading to Chesterton for a friendly round of golf. Once she got there however, she could easily have been forgiven for feeling as if she’d taken a wrong turn and landed in Paris, instead.

“It’s just beautiful,” Sellhorn said, glancing around at the French flags and miniature Eiffel Tower that decorated the golf course for this year’s annual Diva Day. “I’ve been a member here at Sand Creek for 25 years now and I just love it. The course is gorgeous.”

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Sellhorn was one of more than forty women who came to take part in Diva Day, hosted this year at Sand Creek Country Club.

“This is great fun because we get to meet women from other clubs,” Sellhorn said. “We’re hosting here this year, but next year we’ll be at another course and we’ll be golfing with more great ladies there.”

Diva Day is the biggest event of the year for the Sand Creek WGA, hosting several dozen golfers annually. This year’s event saw golfers come out to enjoy the lush greens in an 18-hole scramble on Sand Creek’s Marsh/Lake course.

This year’ event was even bigger than before, as the Sand Creek WGA welcomed members from Briar Ridge for the first year, joining perennial visitors from Long Beach and Pottawatomi.

Linda Kollada is president of the Sand Creek WGA.

“Our theme here today is ‘Passport to Paris,’” Kollada said. “We have French-themed decorations and cuisine. It’s a quality day to get together and play against these ladies from other clubs in the area.”

Players were treated to a delicious breakfast before hitting the greens, with lunch to follow.

“We’ll be serving chicken with French sauce, pistachio gelato, macaroons and we’ll have a large chocolate Eiffel Tower for dessert,” Kollada said.

There were even lavender-scented towels for the players.

“I made those!” Kollada said proudly.

In addition to the scramble, players were awarded prizes for longest drive, closest to the pin, closest to the line and a putting contest, which challenged players to sink the ball beneath the Eiffel Tower.

Jan Lanting is a Briar Ridge member who came from Dyer, Indiana for the chance to play at a new course.

“This was a chance for me to come out here and play at a premier course that I’ve never played before,” Lanting said. “We got the invitation to come out here today and seventeen of us said ‘let’s go!’ and here we are!”

“The facilities here are just amazing. Not just the golf course, but the tennis courts, the clubhouse, the driving range… it’s all awesome,” Lanting said. “I’m an outdoors person. I love being outside, love playing golf and can’t wait to play at Long Beach and Pottawatomi.”

Debbie Smith is in her fourth season at Sand Creek.

“I love playing here, love the community. These clubs always do such a great job hosting this event each year, it’s always such a fun time,” Smith said.

Smith is an avid fan of the sport and highly recommends it to anyone looking to get out, get healthy and meet new people.

“It’s a great sport! I would encourage anyone who is not yet a golfer to give it a try. It’s something that you can do for the rest of your life, and a terrific way to spend more time outdoors.”

The WGA is always open to new members. Anyone interested in learning more is encouraged to contact the Sand Creek Country Club at (219) 395-5200.