Sauers Buick-GMC and 1st Source Bank Work Together To Get Jenny Her Dream Car

Sauers Buick-GMC and 1st Source Bank Work Together To Get Jenny Her Dream Car

Recently, our very own Jenny Craig-Brown, at Ideas in Motion Media purchased a brand new car. We were able to witness the key hand off at our annual Biz in the Backyard this week at the Good News cabin on the hill.

It was a very fun moment for all of us to see her new shiny red 2014 Hyundai Veloster roll up the the driveway and watch her face light up with excitement.

Adam Howland of Sauers Buick-GMC of LaPorte had the pleasure of driving the car out to the celebration this Thursday. Howland said that coming to personally deliver the car to Jenny was a really great time. “It’s more of a fun experience, especially for the customer, like Jenny.”

Jenny thought her entire car buying experience was a convenient and easy process. “I worked with Courtney Medina and Adam Howland. They were both so helpful. I let them know ahead of time the exact car I wanted to look at and they had everything ready for me.” Jenny said.

While making such a big financial decision, Jenny felt she had a friend there right along with her to help and support her. “Before I left I felt like Courtney was a friend not just someone helping me with a car.”

Behind the scenes, 1st Source Bank was hard at work getting Jenny the loan she needed to get that red beauty in her driveway. “I worked with Dawn Brutout and she was incredible. She took care of every question I had and made me feel totally clued in.”

“1st Source also handles my auto insurance as well. Yep, they do that! So they had all of that switched for me before I came to sign papers. I can’t thank them enough for making the process so easy and getting me a great rate!”

Buying a car is a hard process for anyone, especially when you’re looking at replacing a long time member of your family. “I have had my Pontiac Vibe for over 7 years and at over 200,000 miles it was time for something new.”

“I was looking for something sporty, fun, and a little different from your normal 4 door sedan.” Jenny said.

And she got just that when she found her three door beauty.

Lucky for Jenny, she got to keep her old Pontiac Vibe, even just to take a drive down memory lane every now and again. Or she just might zoom by it and wave everyday from her shiny red Veloster as she heads to work to help spread good news.

Check out the personalized delivery from Sauers Buick GMC's own Adam Howland.