Sauers Auto Raises Funds for New Prairie Football Team at Test Drive Event

Sauers Auto Raises Funds for New Prairie Football Team at Test Drive Event
By: Sam Malkowski Last Updated: July 30, 2016

What better way to celebrate your community than by raising money for the New Prairie High School football team? Just down the road from the 2016 Hometown Days Festival, attendees could drive around the block in a brand new Buick from Sauers Auto. Every test drive raises a little more fun for the team. The event was a great success that includes over 250 test drives to benefit New Prairie!

The metallic shine of the troupe of Buicks drew attention from the passing drivers. A dozen teenage athletes held up signs inviting passers-by in for a closer look. 

“It’s a great way to raise money and to test drive cars,” said New Prairie Senior Tynan Williams. “It’s great that the community is helping us out. And it’s a win-win for both sides: Buick will sell more cars, and the football team will get new uniforms.”

This is the second year in a row Sauers has chosen New Prairie High School as their beneficiary.

“They came to us and asked if they could do it again,” said Sauers Controller, Ronda Reedy. “We figured since they had the experience they would be able to generate a bigger crowd than last year.”

Drive for Your Student is a Buick program offered to dealers that want to give back to their neighborhood. They are allowed to partner up with a local school to host a test drive event. For every participant, Buick donates twenty dollars to the school.

Sauers owner Kim Sauers said, “Resources for the schools are so meager these days, anything you can do to help the children, you should. Everybody should do their share. It’s great that General Motors supports this and we want to do everything we can to further the cause.”

It helps having the Hometown Days celebration bringing in a crowd. The football team stopped by the festival to pass out flyers and then returned to work.

NPHS chose Sweet Revenge BBQ for their test drive location and owner Rick Lee graciously accepted.

“It was perfect,” said the Touchdown Club President, Angie Williams. “Because of Hometown Days going on, they can just pull in and out [on their way]. It’s working out really well. We appreciate Sauer doing this.”

Everybody wins in participating in Drive for Your Student. The test drive was a chance for Saeur to show off their beautiful new Buicks. It got people talking about the many varieties of sauce created by Sweet Revenge BBQ. The money raised will help with costs of funding New Prairie's football team.

“And the warm feeling in my heart that I got from helping out,” was all the reason Sophomore Joey Denaway needed.

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