Save Money at the Pump by Increasing Fuel Efficiency!

By: Contributor Last Updated: April 9, 2012

Fight-Back-at-the-PumpFight back at the pump with these tips to maximize your vehicle's fuel efficiency!

  1. Switch to low rolling resistance Ecopia tires from Bridgestone. The reduced rolling resistance is the source of increased fuel efficiency and provides a quiet ride.
  2. Request synthetic oils at your next oil change.
  3. Ask us about a nitrogen tire fill up for more stable tire pressure.
  4. Monitor and maintain proper tire inflation.
  5. Have a clean air filter.
  6. Schedule a tune up - don't forget your fuel filter.
  7. Maintain proper alignment - don't avoid it when your car starts to pull.
  8. Have your tires rotated.
  9. Call us to schedule a fuel injection cleaning.
  10. Remember proper overall car maintenance.