Save money on your next paint project with the help of CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana

Save money on your next paint project with the help of CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana

As one of the largest assets you could ever own, making sure your home is well-maintained should always be a top priority. However, any home-improvement project is a major investment, both in time and money. With inflation dominating the markets and prices for materials and equipment exceeding record-breaking highs, it can sometimes be a challenge to tackle any project around the house without breaking the bank. The team at CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana understands this, however, and wants customers to know options are available to get the results needed at an affordable price.

“One thing I think has the greatest value for maintaining somebody's investment and making sure they're protecting their home, which is one of their largest assets, would be for people who are getting exterior projects done or wanting to get them done,” said John Jordan, owner and president of CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana.

No matter the project, however, Jordan advises taking action now, no matter how big or small. Any progress is better than none, especially when expenses for paint supplies can vary greatly from year-to-year.

“If it is something that they are planning to hold off on, but maybe they have the resources now to choose one project over another, I would urge customers to pull the trigger on that sooner rather than later,” Jordan said. “Customers that were looking at projects last year but didn't pull the trigger and are now looking at this year and seeing increases of 10%,15%, even 20% based on the additional cost of labor and materials.” 

Jordan recommends that if the idea even crosses one’s mind, it’s best to act on it now rather than later.

“If you're thinking about it, you should probably do it because if you do not wait until next year, it's going to be more expensive to do,” he said.

When it comes to bigger projects, it can also help to do it in increments rather than all at once. Not only will you save money purchasing materials now but getting a start on things today can prevent even greater issues from happening later down the road.

“If you have a larger project, such as an exterior project, doing it more frequently than waiting every 10 or 15 years can help,” Jordan said. “The average paint cycle in the Midwest is about five-to-seven, or seven-to-10 years, depending on the products used and the type of substrate, whether it be vinyl, cedar siding, fiber cement or LP smart siding.. That has to be factored into the equation but doing one coat every couple of years might be a better way to manage the cost versus waiting for 15 years and having to get two coats done. People also might have repairs, carpentry, and additional needs based on waiting that long, and we've done projects this year that are $10, $15, $20, and $25,000 because of the number of repairs.”

The same mindset can also be applied when working on projects inside as well. While painting rooms in their entirety may be the original plan, those looking to save some money could benefit more by taking it section by section. For instance, it may be easier to start with just painting the ceiling, then the walls, trim doors, closets, and everything else at separate times.

Jordan encourages anyone thinking about their next paint project to give CertaPro a call at 219-364-6083. A sales consultant will be able to then come out and meet with you in person to evaluate the project, providing honest and straightforward feedback.  We have several payment options available to include cash, credit cards with only a small service fee, free ACH/eCheck options, and options through EnerBank USA, a home services lending company. 

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