Saving Your Business: How BucherTech Protects the Data that Matters Most

BucherTechDataBackupWhen people think of spring, they think of warmer weather and clearer skies. On the flip side, thunderstorms and lightening are also common elements of spring.

While lightning and thunderstorms are often related to power outages, these are often viewed as more of a nuisance than anything else. Your power goes out, you wait a bit, it comes back on again and life goes on.

However, for those who own their own businesses, bad weather can carry more consequences than a power outage. For businesses with important data, a power outage could not only shut down data, but permanently delete it as well. Not having access to customer data can have disastrous consequences for a business, with a permeant deletion being even more serious.

BucherTech is in the business to prevent disasters like this from happening to any business ensuring that all important data is safe not only from natural disasters, but digital ones as well.

“For a business looking to protect their data, we offer a variety of services to ensure that all the data is protected and free from harm,” says BucherTech marketing assistant Eric Ihssen. “We can keep data offsite in a safe location free from harm. Your data is then backed up and protected with backups to ensure that it is never lost.”

BucherTech offers a service called Business Continuity Disaster Recovery. It works by having data being securely copied to a network attached storage or NAS device on location that allows data to be backed up and saved in case of an internal failure from a business’s server. Through this service protection is guaranteed from external failures as well such as natural disasters by copying the encrypted data to another NAS specifically for business.

Through this service, it allows businesses to recover from any kind of disaster and allows them to be up and running again almost immediately after the disaster.

“I remember we had this one business that suffered a fire that burned down everything,” says Ihssen. “At the time, all the data was lost but because they were using our business continuity service, we were able to get them up and running again in only two hours.”

BucherTech also offers a remote backup service that ensures each business has an off-site copy of their data. The remote backup runs every night, allowing daily copies of data. This data is secured and encrypted to ensure that only the customer can read it. The data is also stored offsite and copied daily to Bucher Tech’s main office. This is also checked and verified by technicians at BucherTech to ensure that the data was safely and successfully backed up.

“It’s worth mentioning that for people wanting to use remote back up service, there’s no capital investment,” says Ihssen. “You pay only for the backup service. Your data is always available to be restored at any time.”

While it may seem like the chance of a disaster having an effect on a business’s, especially a small business, for Ihssen, it’s a question of following the old adage of being “better safe than sorry”.

“It’s always easy to talk about something not happening to you, as a sort of ‘this will never happen to me’ kind of situation. However, once it does happen it’s costly and sometimes, too late to restore data that is essential for a business to function.” Ihssen also stresses how a recovery time of a few hours is nearly insignificant compared to the much longer and tedious process of recovery or even data than can no longer be recovered.

“In 2013 there was a major storm that took out NIPSCO power for 2 days. In 2014 there was a 1-day outage. Both storms put anywhere from 86,615 to 127,000 people out of power. For a business, that’s way too long to be down without your necessary data. If that data was lost forever, that could spell the end of your business. Again, it’s always better safe than sorry.”