Search and You Will Find

By: Contributor Last Updated: January 22, 2010

So you go to the ValpoLife website, scan the headlines, and look for stories that are of interest to you, your family, work, school, team, friends, or anything that grabs your interest.  Maybe you dig in to one section like Business, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Community.  Maybe you have become a fan of the blogs and all of the local authors that are writing.  Maybe you really enjoy many of the videos that we have done, 300 and counting, or love to look through the photos we have taken in Valpo, about 15,000 and growing.  Maybe you check out the Business Listings to see any of the Featured Company Profiles that we have built out for great area companies that want to support Valpo.  Maybe you just click on links in the newsletter when you get it for what sounds interesting…..

Whatever piece of the site you find fun to check out, odds are that there is a library full of great content that you likely don’t even know is out there  Stories about people that you know, videos about your child’s school program or team, events that are on the calendar coming up that you wish you knew about ahead of time, coupons from 80 local businesses where you could be saving money at right now, fun photos from games, events, and groups in town that you can view at your leisure or purchase online with a couple clicks.

How do you find all this stuff?

Up in the top right corner of every page is a small search box.  Type in a word or words about anything you might be interested in, hit Search, and we guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find.  And since everything we cover on the site is positive, we are pretty sure most all of it will bring a smile to your face, and be something that you want to pass along and share with others.  You can enter one word, a combination of words, or drill down to be as specific as you would like.  Just to give you a couple quick examples, here is a link for 10 random things you could search for on ValpoLife, and a number next to it of the items you will find related to that subject:

VHS (82)
Kiwanis (56)
Youth Soccer (22)
Parks Department (54)
Basketball (79)
Benjamin Franklin (33)
Indiana Chamber (55)
Parade (38)
Church (97)
Heart (73)

Search and you will find.  Something good.

Happy clicking.