See What’s New and Exciting at Zao Island!

See What’s New and Exciting at Zao Island!
By: Caitlin Vanlaningham Last Updated: May 9, 2016

If you haven’t been to Zao Island lately, then you need to go back because there is a ton of new and awesome things going on there. The Wright family has been putting a lot of time and thought into the new and expanded attractions at Zao.

“We’re trying to be that all-season place for family entertainment,” Ryan Wright, General Manager of Zao Island said. “We want to have a strong indoor and outdoor presence so that people from the Region can come here and have fun no matter the weather, no matter the time of year.”

In addition to the delicious pizza at Colada’s, the mini-golf, laser tag, bounce house, huge slide, *big breath* batting cages, and the real live alligator exhibit…

There’s a new Go-Kart track – the original go-kart track at Zao got some TLC and was repaved. Drivers will get a smoother ride and a much nicer racing experience.

Zao-Expansion 5

There’s a new bar – Right outside of Guido McCreedy’s Island Arcade you can now find the Porch of Indecision. This is the second outdoor bar for Zao and it is more easily accessible and will be serving up great libations to our 21+ crowd.

Zao-Expansion 6

The bumper cars are now located inside – The flashing lights and fun ruckus that can be had on the bumper cars at Zao Island can now be found inside right next to the arcade. This means that you and your friends can have fun on this attraction all year long.

Zao-Expansion 2

There are a ton of new games in the expanded game room – 20 new games have been added to already huge arcade at Zao Island. 20, people. That’s a huge amount of games. The game room itself has been expanded and now classic games have their own room, separate from the redemption games. There are new flat screen TVs on the walls in the game room for those who want to watch the big game, and a larger redemption area filled with cool prizes. Be sure to keep an eye out soon for Zao Island merchandise to be sold as well! T-shirts, hats, and other cool items will be sold so that you can have a piece of Zao with you wherever you go.

Zao-Expansion 8

The dining area has been expanded – This is really cool. A new banquet area has been set up right next to the game room. When the weather is warm, large garage doors open up to let in the sunshine and cool breezes. When things aren’t so great outside, the doors close to keep the elements out, and the awesome in.

Zao-Expansion 3

This year’s summer concerts at Zao will showcase great local talent – each summer at Zao Island is filled with live music. This year, the lineup is filled with great acts like Planetary Blues, Chris and Lou, the Head Honchos, Reggae Express, and more! Take a look at the full lineup below!


For more information on Zao Island visit or stop in with your family or friends!