Seeking Positive Storytellers in Northwest Indiana to Fill #1StudentNWI High School Program

Seeking Positive Storytellers in Northwest Indiana to Fill #1StudentNWI High School Program
By: Ideas in Motion Media Last Updated: August 4, 2016

Ideas in Motion Media is looking to hire high school students at every high school in Northwest Indiana to share the good news happening at their schools once each month in our #1StudentNWI program! As a #1StudentNWI representative, you will be able to share with your community all that is going on with your school involving athletics, extracurriculars, students, teachers, and more. 

Each month you will submit one article that highlights up to four topics. Once submitted, the article will be posted to our websites, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages. We are not asking for a huge time commitment, but we do expect you to always meet your deadlines and be reachable throughout the month.

Your experience will not only increase publicity for your school, but also improve your writing and communication skills. Each month you will be talking to new people from your school and attending new events to cover. Your time as a #1StudentNWI will also give you an opportunity to build an online portfolio, and a custom link to all the work you've published will show recruiters and application

The best students we've had usually are: 

  • Driven and motivated
  • Responsive
  • Connected to groups and students
  • Looking to build an online portfolio
  • Looking to gain experience in marketing, communication, and/or journalism. 

Students are paid $25 per story submitted and opportunities to join our coverage team also exist. Do you want to be our #1StudentNWI representative at your school? Let us know with an email to and we will put you in consideration.