Send In Your Worst Turkey Story and Win a Woodfire Turkey!

By: Stony Gardens Last Updated: November 17, 2010

Woodfire-TurkeyFamily gathered around the table, plates and bowls heaping with a perfectly prepared dinner...Thanksgiving dinner. One of the most anticipated meals of the year, Thanksgiving is a time of thanks...or a time of stress. The pressure to create the perfect dinner can result in humerous, horror turkey stories and we are looking to hear yours! Send in your terrible turkey story, whether it be forgetting to turn on the oven resulting in an uncooked turkey or burning the pies beyond all recognition. Email your story to, include your name and email address to be reached, we'll add them to this article and you can win a Woodfire Turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner! The best 5 stories will win a delicious Turkey, offered in one of three flavors (Cajun, Herb and Garlic, and Caribbean Jerk). To find out more about Woodfire Turkeys, visit them online at!