Senior Fall Prevention

By: Sterling House and Clare Bridge of Valparaiso Last Updated: May 21, 2012

Messy-BooksFalls are not an inevitable part of growing older. Many falls can be prevented, by making the home safer and using products that help keep seniors more stable and less likely to fall.

Here are some things you can do to make the home safer and help prevent falls:


  • Remove any furniture that is not needed. All remaining furniture should be stable and without sharp corners, to minimize the effects of a fall.
  • Change the location of furniture, so that your elderly parent can hold on to something as they move around the house. Do not have electrical cords trailing across the floor. Have additional base plugs installed so long cords are not necessary. Safety bars
  • These include grab bars or handrails in the shower or bath, as well as on stairways and near any steps entering and exiting the home.


  • Put no-stick tape on the floor in the tub. Make the corners of any throw rugs or carpets are secured to the floor. Stairwells
  • Hand rails on stairwells should extend beyond the first and last steps.
  • Make sure stairs are sturdy with strong hand railings.Be sure that stairwells are well-lit.

Stool risers and boosts

  • These devices make getting on and off the toilet, or in and out of bed, easier and safer.

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No-slip footwear

  • Have your parent wear non-slip shoes or slippers, rather than walking around in stocking feet.


  • Make sure all rooms have adequate lighting.
  • Consider making the lighting in your home brighter to aid vision. Consider motion-sensitive lights that come on when a person enters a room.
  • Use night lights in every room.

Avoid reaching

  • Keep frequently used items in easy-to-reach cabinets.
  • Use a grasping tool to get at out-of-reach items, rather than a chair or stepladder.

Brookdale Senior Living Centers have a variety of safety and fall prevention measures in place, so seniors of all mobility levels can life safely and comfortably. Find a Brookdale Residence near you.