SERVPRO of Porter County Opens New Location in Valparaiso

On November 13, SERVPRO of Porter County added another day to their calendar that will be celebrated as an anniversary for many years to come. They opened a brand new location on Firestone Lane in Valparaiso with the help of family, friends, staff, community and business leaders, ValpoLife, and the Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce.

SERVPRO Porter County has another location in Michigan City, aptly titled SERVPRO La Porte County. The company specializes in water and fire restoration services, mold and biohazard remediation, cleaning services for business and residential areas and much more. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and serve all of Porter and La Porte Counties.

"We do a little bit of everything," Chad Ginther, General Manager of SERVPRO of La Porte and Porter Counties said. "If someone suffers a loss we can come into their home and restore things from start to finish. For example: if it's water damage we can completely dry the structure and we have an entire construction team on staff that does reconstruction afterward."

The staff is extremely well-trained, they carry multiple certifications, and they are all quite friendly. The ribbon cutting was a perfect example of that as the staff welcomed all who attended the event with open arms. Food, drinks, raffles, a staff meet and greet and service demos were what awaited guests at the Valparaiso facility.

A large blue ribbon was cut while everyone gathered around to officially mark the occasion. It was followed with hearty cheers and well-wishes.

"We've always operated out of one office in Michigan City but we've been blessed with the opportunity to expand so we can be more involved in the community over in Porter County and specifically more in Valparaiso," Greer Evans Sales and Marketing Representative at SERVPRO of La Porte and Porter Counties said. "We have always had business in Porter and La Porte Counties ever since we opened in 1992. We wanted to better care for our customers here in Porter County. We've always worked for and served them, but this makes things easier and more convenient. And our response time is better."

"Being centrally located here in Valpo we are close to everything. We wanted a location that was close to our customers," Ginther said.

SERVPRO has a goal with every job to respond to all customers within an hour of contact and be onsite within four hours. Within eight hours SERVPRO gives customers an idea of what work needs to be done. Being close to customers helps tremendously with that. And with the impending winter that is expected for Northwest Indiana, it's a great relief to know that a company like SERVPRO is closeby.

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