Seven on Ridge Heads to Yoamazing Yogurt Shoppe

By: Caitlin Vanlaningham Last Updated: November 16, 2012

Watch this episode of Seven on Ridge tonight at 10:30pm on WJYS, locally channel 13 on Comcast!!

What could be better than good people getting together to talk about good things? Not much. Wait, let’s get them together at an awesome yogurt shoppe! That, readers, is one sweet package (pun intended). Thursday evening three gentlemen and a lady got in front of the camera for the show Seven on Ridge, Chicago’s only late night talk show. Michael Essany was the first gentleman. This makes sense because he is the host of Seven on Ridge.

Essany interviewed the next two gentlemen and lady for the show which was to air the next evening, November 16, 2012. The first of the men that Essany spoke to was two time WCW US Champion, three time WCW World Champion, and five time WCW Tag Team Champion Diamond Dallas Page.

Page is one of the most recognized names in professional wrestling. When he walked through the door, he shouted boisterously, “This is not your mama’s yogurt!”

That did it. Everyone became hooked on DDP.

He came to talk to Essany about DDP Yoga; a hybrid of yoga, resistance moves, breathing techniques and power movements. Page spoke of the changes that DDP has had for many individuals that have tried it and the success stories that keep hitting his ear because of DDP Yoga.

Next was the lady that I alluded to earlier. Her name is Courtney Crozier. Crozier is the co-owner of Yoamazing and she was on Season Eleven of the very popular show Biggest Loser; the yogurt shoppe that I also alluded to earlier. She excitedly spoke to Essany about her business and how things have been going since the opening last February. Essany asked her about being on Biggest Loser and where she wanted to go from here. Crozier says that she would love to open more Yoamazing Yogurt Shoppes.

…I would be okay with that.

Before she got in front of the camera, I was able to snag a few words with Cozier.

“DDP is very into health and wellness and I am, too so I think that’s why Michael [Essany] decided to come here and film. We’re pretty excited about it,” Crozier said.

Then it was on to the third and final interview which was Chris Mahlmann, Publisher and CEO of Ideas in Motion Media (woohoo!). Essany and Mahlmann talked about the benefits of promoting positive news and what it was like promoting such a foreign concept to society.

“When we first went to launch I said, ‘we really want to focus only on the good news,’ and essentially they all said I was nuts. They said, ‘It doesn’t sell,’ they said, ‘there’s no way you can make a market selling good news,’” Mahlmann said. “And I just had a notion in my head that it was just wrong. You could flip it on its head and actually package good news in a way people wanted to read, wanted to see, and wanted to watch.”

And that’s what Mahlmann did. He now is the head of a very successful business that only deals in positive news!

This was an excellent evening to be sure. A television host with a huge heart, a professional wrestler with a mission, a restaurant owner with an amazing story and attitude, and a CEO with the right idea –all together under one roof. Yeah, it’s that awesome.

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