Seven years of All About the Girls

Seven years of All About the Girls

Started in 2015, All About the Girls was created by GreatNews.Life’s Jenny Craig-Brown as a means to spotlight strong, influential women while providing inspiration to the community based around these women and their incredible stories. Each year, All About the Girls brings women into the limelight to share a bit about themselves, based around the theme of the year. 

As we prepare to spotlight a new group of incredible women and celebrate the 2023 theme "This is Me," GreatNews.Life would like to highlight the events and the women from the past seven years

2015 Year One: Inaugural Year 

Created with the simple idea of bringing women together to remember their power and influence, Craig-Brown was hoping to create a safe place for women to honor each other. Coupling this idea with #NWITweetUps, the first All About the Girls event gathered women at Industrial Revolution in Valparaiso for short speeches and networking. 

2016 Year Two: Dear Me: Advice to a Younger You

Growing off the success of the first event, All About the Girls moved to Sand Creek County Club as a stand-alone celebration of women in the Region. Continuing with the honoring of eight inspiring women, All About the Girls in 2016 highlighted the Lean In movement by allowing women to support other women. 

2017 Year Three: You’re Welcome World 

By 2017, All About the Girls had blossomed into an event for hundreds of local women. The event in 2017 truly encapsulated the idea that women could and should feel empowered in their own skin while inspiring others to flourish as well. 

2018 Year Four: #LikeaGirl

#LikeaGirl was the theme of All About the Girls in 2018. #LikeaGirl was selected as the theme to focus on the strength that women naturally hold. Eight honorees gave speeches, and hundreds of women gathered at Sand Creek Country Club to enjoy an evening of great food and company. 

2019 Year Five: Courage Over Comfort 

Hoping to push local women out of their comfort zones, All About the Girls in 2019 worked to demonstrate the balance needed between struggle and ease. Sporting t-shirts with the phrase "Courage Over Comfort," honorees hoped to show attendees the need to embrace challenges and find pleasure in life’s small joys. 

2021 Year Six: #MyStrength

Moving to Central Park Plaza in Valparaiso allowed All About the Girls to both be an outdoor event and a celebration of connection after COVID-19. Reflecting on all that the pandemic had taught them, speakers in year six reminded attendees that it takes a village to create great things. Using the theme of #MyStrength as a catalyst, All About the Girls in 2021 referred to the strength inside each woman and the greater strength we have when working together. 

2022 Year Seven: True Grit

Last year’s All About the Girls remained an outdoor event that continued the theme of strength and resilience. Highlighting women who didn’t give up even when faced with large challenges, All About the Girls in 2022 featured community advocates, firefighters, and entrepreneurs throughout Northwest Indiana (NWI). 

2023 Year Eight: This is Me

Continuing for the last seven years, #AllAbouttheGirls has been highlighting these important community members with a carefully selected theme. Selecting a new theme of focus, All About the Girls will highlight a new group of influential women on June 1 of this year.