Shake It Off… Taylor Swift may have Been on to Something

norma-serranoRecently, I was told that I am a mean person. That I am hard and harsh. Now for those of you who consider me a sweetheart, (and I thank you for that!!), there are plenty of times in my life where hard and harsh are on the menu. Not because I’m a nasty person but because sometimes harsh is what’s needed to charter a new direction. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it’s kind(er). Sometimes it’s pushing. Sometimes it’s dragging. As a leader, the balance between tough and love can be complicated.

The question I have to ask at the end of each day is how much success have I experienced because of the actions I have chosen in that particular day. If the answer is “much success”, then I know I was headed in the right direction. Each day’s decisions have to be made about what route is used to navigate the waters.

So when I am being told, that I am ______________ (insert negative comment), I have 2 things I need to do. Assess the qualification of the remarks; and assess the person who made the remarks. If indeed, I was whatever was said of me, then change needs to happen. If the person who made the remark, is living a life with little growth, change, sacrifice or impact on the world, I have to learn to Shake It Off. Because someone who isn’t doing the work isn’t qualified to know what “the work” entails.

I once read a quote that said, “Never let anyone who isn’t doing anything relevant with their life, tell you how to live yours.” It seems the more you change from the norm, the more challenge you will get. But challenge is how you have gotten to where you are in the first place.

Shake off the negativity of someone’s voice if you know in your heart that you are on the path that is changing, molding and creating in you the individual you long to be. It’s okay to admit that we have some areas in our lives that need change. Because we all do. But the old friends who are still walking the path you walked years ago, simply may not be the voices you need to hear. Shake it off. Your parent who is working the same job they did 30 years ago may not give the advice an entrepreneur needs. Shake it off. The employer who can’t fully see your potential…shake it ALL off.

Let’s shake it off and shed some pounds along the way...
...cause players gonna hate hate hate hate…