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By: Last Updated: October 28, 2009

Womens-Retreat-201082We always welcome submissions from the Valparaiso area worship organizations and we love to help positive congregations spread the word to those in the community who don’t yet belong to a particular church or who are interested in all the good throughout our community.

If you like what you see on the worship pages of ValpoLife and would like your worship organization to be included, all you have to do is let us know whatever you would like to see up on the site!  You can directly submit your information directly to the site by following the instructions found here.

We love to post newsletters and bulletins, upcoming events, past sermons, or just notes from a pastor that would be of interest to the entire community.  If you have an e-newsletter, please add to the recipient list and we can share that content with the Valparaiso community. We are always collecting photos of congregations doing community service, or photos of special events (please include notes on those events/photo captions with those). If you have any audio or video files, we would love to share those via ValpoLife as well!

The worship organizations who have already contributed (Click on each organization to view a list of their contributions) include:

Additionally, our friends at Trinity Lutheran  and Faith Baptist (as well as many others listed above), have contributed events to the community calendar, here is an example of an event listing: Event: Vacation Bible School. Christian Community Action is a faith based organization that also contributes to the Worship pages of, along with NeighborLink Porter County, another faith based organization.

GracePoint-Nov-2010-VolunteersOften links to our worship articles can be found on the homepage and they go out in the weekly ValpoLife newsletter to over 4,000 community members!  We also regularly post direct links to the worship articles to our Facebook and Twitter feeds for thousands of potential congregation members to see.

We hope this has been helpful in the process of spreading your positive message to the community.  Here is testimonial from a citizen regarding what he loves about Valpo:

"One thing that has amazed me is the number of vibrant and expanding churches in Valparaiso. In just the last few years, St. Paul Catholic Church and St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church have expanded into new and larger facilities. In addition the Valparaiso Nazarene Church is finishing a substantial expansion project and Christ Lutheran Church is about to begin one in the next few months. Moreover, Bridge Point Church is now using the YMCA building. Although a new facility is only one aspect of a congregation and there are many thriving parishes throughout Valparaiso without large/new building, the fact that so many churches are expanding (and have the donation base to do it) says something amount our community"  Patrick Lyp, Attorney with Blachly, Tabor, Bozik & Hartman

Thanks for your participation!  Please contact ValpoLife directly at with any questions. The best part- everything mentioned above is Free!