Share Your Thanks for an Influential Teacher in Your Life!

By: Last Updated: May 8, 2012

Thank-You-TeacherWho would you Like to Thank as a Teacher? It is teacher appreciation week and none of us would be anywhere we are in Life without our teachers. Who has impacted you or your kids in a way that you want to give a shout out to?

Erin McClain Blumenthal is a 2nd grade teacher at Flint Lake Elementary. She took my son under her wing this year and he's thriving. Can't thank her enough for all she's done. We appreciate you, Erin!!! -Kelly Kralik Guzek

Being a teacher myself, I had some of the best math teachers in high school. Thank you Mr. McQuiston and Mr. Anderson for your patience and hard work. I love to teach math because of you! -Missy Hernandez

vhs_logoMr. John Hughes (5th grade retired Teacher at Thomas Jefferson Elementary) He had both my daughters one who is a junior and one in 6th grade. He was a wonderful teacher who prepared my girls for entry into middle school. A tough transition. Both of my girls love him dearly and are doing wonderful in school, and I believe a lot of their success in school is because of his teaching and their hard work. - Kerri Carnahan

I would like to thank Mrs. Magnetti from Northview Elementary. I can not express enough on how much we love her! She is a wonderful person and teacher who truly dedicates herself to the kids. Big hugs to Mrs. Magnetti - Brenda Garcia Chavez

My grandmother and my mother! -Kathy Faurot Welter

Morgan-Township-LogoI would like to thank all of the teachers from Morgan Township Elementary and Middle school for being such a big help to my boys. You do such wonderful work especially Mrs. Chartos who teaches my Kayden. He loves her and she works so hard to help him with his needs. Cheers to all of you! -Isabella Boutique

I would like to say thank you to Frau Swan our high school German teacher at Morgan Township High school. She is an amazing teacher and helps us learn German and have fun! -Emily Baker

To all the teachers at Memorial Elementary School: Thank you for always putting your best foot forward so our children strive to do their best! -Lesli Mikenas

Thank you Kouts Elementary teachers! Mustang's Rule! -Kathy Zimmerman Nightingale

Big THANK YOU to the amazing team at St Paul's Tiny Tim's daycare and PreSchool.  Both my girls adore going to school everyday and come home happy and with positive stories to tell. -Monica Decker

Judy Commers was one of the major inspirations for me starting ValpoLife after watching how positive she was and what a great impact she had on her students -Chris Mahlmann