Sherry, Cheryl & Tom: Twins & a Spouse from the Same Nursery

Sherry-Cheryl-and-Tom-Twins-and-a-Spouse-from-the-Same-Nursery-01I'm Sherry twin to Cheryl. Cheryl was twin 1, head-first, and I was twin 2, feet first. She did all the work for me to enter the world. Of course 60 years ago they didn't have the medical technology to determine multiple births. My mother delivered us naturally and is 94 years-old. Our parents were surprised when they had twins. My dad said they out grew the house. Also had another surprise when he received a parking ticket. Back in 1956, the normal stay after a delivery was five to seven days.

Sherry-Cheryl-and-Tom-Twins-and-a-Spouse-from-the-Same-Nursery-02So, what makes this story so interesting is my twin sister married her husband Tom. He was born two days earlier, and we were all in the same nursery 60 years ago. I guess that's what you call love at first sight. I'm happy to report that they're both retired and happily married. The three of us will be celebrating our 60th birthday, but our souls think were 30. Six decades of knowledge, and what makes it even more special is Cheryl and I will be celebrating our birthday on Thanksgiving this year.