Shopping American-made products at Tudor Floors & More Carpet One supports community, country

Shopping American-made products at Tudor Floors & More Carpet One supports community, country

As we approach Flag Day on June 14, Americans have an opportunity to observe the adoption of the country’s own flag and reflect on the lengths founders took to forge a new nation. One small way they can propel their observance into action is by investing in products made right here in the United States. 

Tudor Floors & More Carpet One is one example of a business right in the Region that showcases a wealth of American-made products. The Tudor team encourages clients to explore them and buy. 

“With the events that have unfolded this year, we feel it is so important to support the United States. By supporting the United States, you are also supporting ‘us’as an independent business, ‘us’as individuals, and ‘us’ as in the American workforce,” said Jan Tudor, owner of Tudor Floors & More Carpet One. “We may be a small business made up of 10 employees and 20 subcontractors, but we are proud to offer so many American-made products. From carpet, to hardwood, to vinyl, we have so many U.S. options for you.”

Tudor unpacked the different categories of flooring offered at Tudor Floors, and which specific American manufacturers developed those products. 

For instance, did you know that the carpet you walk on more than likely came from Georgia? It’s true. In fact, Tudor said, the majority of all carpet is made in the United States. 

“Georgia is known for having the largest carpet mills in a small town called Dalton,” Tudor said. “Dalton is also known as the ‘Carpet Capital of the World’ and has over 150 carpet plants employing more than 13,000 people in Whitefield County.”  

More than 90 percent of functional carpet produced in the world is made within a 65-mile radius of Dalton.

Tudor Floors & More Carpet One also offers many options when it comes to hardwood flooring produced in the United States. 

“Anderson Tuftex, Canoe Bay, Somerset, and Shaw Hardwood all are stunning wood options that are manufactured in the United States, ensuring jobs for the American people,” Tudor said. “These hardwoods are available either as solid or engineered and will add lasting beauty to your home.”

Of the many different products available at Tudor Floors, Tudor said vinyl is the top-selling one. 

“It is resilient, waterproof, can be installed by click together or glue down and, with a 20-mm wear layer, can stand up to daily wear and tear,” Tudor said.

Casabella, Armstrong, and Cleo Vinyl are all products manufactured in the U.S. and offered at Tudor Floors & More Carpet One. 

“By making these products in the U.S., it ensures quality, safety, and, again, stimulates job security for the American people,” Tudor said. 

The Tudor Floors & More Carpet One showroom is open and ready for visitors.

“We understand the importance of shopping local and supporting American-made products,” Tudor said. “Stop into our showroom, borrow some samples, and schedule your free measure.”

From now until the end of July, Tudor Floors is offering 18 months financing. Visit the website for more information.

“And remember,” Tudor said, “by supporting U.S.-made products you are also supporting us. By supporting U.S.-made products, you are actually supporting our community and making Northwest Indiana stronger.”