Sleep Airway Solutions offers those on Medicare affordable, healthy sleep treatments

Sleep Airway Solutions offers those on Medicare affordable, healthy sleep treatments

Those with Medicare often worry about a lot of different health concerns, be they seniors or younger people with disabilities. For seniors especially, it is easy to dismiss snoring or chronic fatigue as inconveniences or simply part of aging, but that is often not the case. Both of those traits are warning signs for possible obstructive sleep apnea, a dangerous and sometimes fatal condition.

“Sleep apnea weakens your body and stresses the heart,” said Tiffiny Sperry, dental hygienist and Office Manager for Sleep Airway Solutions. “Underlying conditions like heart disease can all be aggravated by sleep apnea, which puts them at a much bigger risk.”

There are a number of ways to treat the problem with devices that improve airflow and promote a restful sleep. Unfortunately, despite the Medicare-eligible population being disproportionately impacted by sleep apnea, it is very rare for local dental offices to qualify their apnea treatments for Medicare coverage. Sleep Apnea Solutions went the extra mile and did just that.

“We’re the only dentist in the area that I know of who offers sleep apnea treatment under Medicare,” Sperry said. “We’re getting a lot of patients whose physicians refer them to us.”

Although snoring is often the butt of jokes in comedy shows and movies, often even the most severe snorers do not know exactly why it happens.

“Snoring isn’t an indicator of how tired you are. Likewise, you also don’t snore because of any specific behavior, like drinking alcohol,” said Michael Uzelac, D.D.S, and dentist at Sleep Airway Solutions. “Snoring isn’t a result of your behavior, it’s usually an indicator of a restricted airway.”

Over time, the tissues in the throat relax and swell to the point where they can even block breathing. This disrupts sleep, amplifies preexisting conditions, and is linked to heart disease and other major conditions. But even if you are not a snorer, it is still possible that you could have sleep apnea.

“If you’re sitting at your desk or behind the wheel and you’re falling asleep, you have sleep issues,” Uzelac said. “If you wake up with frequent morning headaches, you could have sleep issues. If you’re getting up to urinate at night, you could have a sleep problem. You can’t just write off these indicators because you don’t think of yourself as a typical sleep apnea patient.”

With Sleep Airway Solutions accepting Medicare and working with their patients to match their individual needs, Sperry urged those who suspect they might have sleep apnea to refrain from putting off treatment.

“Medicare is so crucial, it’s so beneficial for our patients,” she said. “We want to treat your health issues without breaking the bank.”

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