Small Business Spotlight – Chuck’s Bakery

chucks-collageChuck’s Bakery glazed onto the pastry scene in 1982 and celebrated 30 years of sugar-coated service earlier this year.

Gordon Vander Steldt joined the family business in the ’80s and now operates the facility located in Orville Redenbacher’s hometown of Valparaiso, Indiana. With top-notch customer service and mounds of homemade goodies, Chuck’s Bakery is all substance, no filler (aside from the delicious ones they create on-site).

Horizon Bank is proud to feature Gordon and Chuck’s Bakery in this installment of the Small Business Spotlight series.

Tell us how Chuck’s Bakery began.
Gordon: Dad and Mom bought it from an older couple that already had it established. Ever since then, we’ve been right here at this location, 30 years in business. My father was always in bakery, and he worked in Michigan.

What makes Chuck’s Bakery different?
It’s a mom-and-pop shop and pretty much everything is fresh-made every day. The majority is made from scratch. We do deliver and give good customer service. If you’re not happy with something, you’re refunded. We’re small and it’s a hands-on shop.

What challenges have you encountered in running a business?
It’s tough hours and sometimes the work is a bit physical. Ingredients go up in price, and if you raise your prices, you worry about getting business. We’ve been able to stay in town though, and we’re fortunate that we’re supported by the Valparaiso community.

How has Horizon Bank helped your business?
We were formerly with another bank, and I didn’t care for them a lot. A lady (from Horizon) approached me and talked with me and said they could set me up. I took my time and decided, and I went with them. They’ve been a good bank, and right now I’m happy with them. If I have a problem, they follow up. The service is great.

If you’re in the Michiana area, give Gordon a call at 219-464-1511 and treat yourself at Chuck’s Bakery. Already given them a taste? Head over to Yelp! and write a review.