So You Like Cake? Head Over to Blackbird Cafe

cake-collagePut your diets aside for a second and answer honestly. Most of you would nod your heads and say yes. A few would say no and proclaim their love of pie over cake. There's nothing wrong with that. I will be making a piece about pie soon enough. But for those of us who love cake and its many guises, the cake lovers, this is for you.

A dark chocolate layer cake with decadent ganache frosting, cute vanilla cupcakes with white buttercream swirled and topped with sprinkles, warm blueberry lemon coffee cake with a tangy lemon glaze, rich cinnamon pound cake with cinnamon brown sugar streusel topping, a wedding cake adorned with flowers and intricate piping on each tier, angel food cake topped with fresh strawberries and real whipped cream...yeah, you want cake now.

Then head over to Blackbird Cafe. They have cake. Homemade cake. And it's never the same old thing time after time. There's always something new and different in their bake case from one week to the next. So go and get yourself a slice, and I bet if you ask really nicely they might make one in a flavor that you like. And in that case, I'd buy two slices if I were you because they were kind enough to take requests.

*Images in photo collage are of cakes made at one time at Blackbird Cafe. They may or may not have those cakes there at the current time. Please don't lick your phone or computer screen