Something New and Neat for You to Eat

Lemon-Tree-PeepsDo you ever get the craving for something different? Something other than pizza and/or tacos? Both of those foods are mighty delicious and I'm quite glad that they exists, but sometimes don't you want something else? Like falafel? Or hummus? Or another interestingly named dish called chicken shawarma?

 Then you should head over to Lemon Tree Mediterranean Grill in Chesterton. All of the aforementioned foods can be found there as well as other great edibles. Chef David Wodrich and his wife, Lisa, would be happy to serve you and whoever you bring with you to dine.

And if you don't have time to stay and eat, you can take your food to go. With the busy work and life circumstances that we all have, it's nice to be able to grab something quick and delicious.

And on top of being delicious, the food at lemon tree is made from fresh ingredients and there are dishes for vegetarians, vegans, and those with food allergies. It's irritating to try and find a place to have a nice meal when you have dietary restrictions. Sitting there with your salad while others around you can eat whatever they like...not fun. But not anymore! Add Lemon Tree to your list of eateries to attend and you have a litany of great things you can try!  

And if your planning a party? Let Lemon Tree do the cooking for you. Yup, they do catering! So for your next birthday party, skip the greasy pizza and call Lemon Tree Mediterranean Grill and let them feed  your party-goers.