South Shore CVA Receives Legacy Foundation Grant

Civil-War-Memorial-TrailGrant used for “Taps” audio

The South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority recently received a Lake County Community Fund grant from Legacy Foundation.

The grant was used to support the equipment for playing “Taps,” as well as other musical tributes to honor veterans in conjunction with the South Shore Civil War Memorial Trail.

According to Speros A. Batistatos, President and CEO of the South Shore CVA, “Taps” will be played each day at dusk at the Indiana Welcome Center and Maplewood Cemetery in Crown Point.

Northwest Indiana has a strong connection to the Civil War. Through the South Shore Civil War Memorial Trail, visitors can learn about the deep commitment from men and women from our area. Playing ‘Taps’ will honor not only those who fought in the Civil War, but all past, present and future veterans,” said Batistatos.

The South Shore Civil War Memorial Trail is a collection of the last known resting places, monuments, architectural icons and sites with Civil War ties that are related to the brave men and women from the region who sacrificed during the most pivotal period in our nation’s history. The trail serves as a guide for visitors who wish to pay their respects to the veterans and learn the stories of their humanity and sacrifice during and after the war.

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