South Shore Foot & Ankle’s Dr. Dominik Meyer highlights the importance of foot care to HealthPorte

South Shore Foot & Ankle’s Dr. Dominik Meyer highlights the importance of foot care to HealthPorte

Seniors need all the knowledge they can get to protect and care for themselves as they age. One part of senior health that often gets neglected or misunderstood is foot care. South Shore Foot & Ankle partnered with Porter Health Care System to present all the information needed to keep seniors’ feet comfortable and protected.

Every month, Porter Health hosts an informational presentation for seniors who are part of their HealthPorte program. Each event offers an activity or event designed to help individuals age 50 and up stay healthy and vibrant. South Shore Foot & Ankle’s Dr. Dominik Meyer, DPM, FACFAS, joined HealthPorte to offer a comprehensive presentation about the major topics in foot and ankle care.

“Foot pain is not normal,” Dr. Meyer stressed. “Healthy, pain-free feet are the key to independence. If you’re not able to walk, it really makes it hard to have the level of independence you’d like. Daily tasks like going to the grocery store and even simpler things like taking a bath or shower get very difficult when you can’t put your feet on the ground.”

Meyer called attention to some of the most common problems impacting his patients: bunions, calluses, arthritis, corns, and fungal infections. These problems can cause pain, limit mobility, and are often highly debilitating if left unchecked. The biggest thing he stressed was to always visit your doctor if you think you have a problem. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to fix.

“We really want to get Dr. Meyer’s name out there in the community,” said Savanna Sullivan, Medical Biller, Collector, Financial Counselor, and Marketing Assistant for South Shore Foot & Ankle. “He’s fairly new to the area, and we want people to know how great of a podiatrist he is. His main concern is educating people on the subject.”

Many of Dr. Meyer’s tips are easy to implement and are helpful for anyone, not just seniors. Things like regularly moisturizing your feet, replacing your shoes every 6 months, and of course, regular nail trimming. When the problems get more serious, that is when a visit to South Shore Foot & Ankle becomes key.

Karin Birchel, Regional Community Programming Coordinator for Porter Regional Hospital, La Porte Hospital, and Starke Hospital, hopes that HealthPorte and presentations such as Dr. Meyer’s give seniors the knowledge to stay healthy and make smart choices.

“We’re so appreciate of Dr. Meyer taking the time to educate this group,” she said. “They’re very well educated and they ask a lot of questions. It’s a chance for them to talk to a live person instead of searching for answers online.”

HealthPorte is a free program with more than 1,500 members across all of Porter Regional Hospital, La Porte Hospital, and Starke Hospital. The meetings also include breakfast, entertainment, and volunteer opportunities. To learn more or enroll, visit To find out more about Dr. Meyer and South Shore Foot & Ankle, visit