Speaker Herb Stepherson shares his story with Duneland students

By: Duneland School Corporation Last Updated: February 26, 2019

Speaker-Herb-Stepherson-shares-his-story-with-Duneland-studentsAs part of the school corporation’s drug prevention efforts, the Duneland School Corporation invited drug addiction counselor and long-term recovering addict, Herb Stepherson (pictured above) to speak to the freshman class at Chesterton High School (CHS) and the eighth grade class at Chesterton Middle School (CMS) recently.

The presentation was focused on preventing young people from falling into the world of drug abuse and addiction. Like some adolescents, Stepherson’s exposure and experimentation began in his early to mid-teens. His first chemical experience was with tobacco followed by his experimentation with everything he could get his hands on. Because of his substance use disorder, he found himself in many impossible and dire situations including jail, homelessness, overdoses and depression.

Stepherson continues to tell his story to adolescents to discourage them from a dark and scary road of drug use and addiction. Since his recovery of four years, he has become a published author, public speaker, mentor, intervention coordinator, and a director of outreach programs. The responses and feedback from CHS and CMS students and parent/guardians was incredibly positive.

The Duneland School Corporation will continue their efforts to inform students, parents and the community about the pitfalls of substance abuse through programs offered by speakers sharing their real-life experiences.