Spider-Man: Far From Home has long-time fans raving

Spider-Man: Far From Home has long-time fans raving
By: Rich Bachman Last Updated: July 6, 2019

Rating: 8/10


Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Peter Parker (Tom Holland), is looking to take a short vacation from being a superhero. His high school class is taking a trip to Europe, and this provides him the perfect opportunity to escape the real world for a bit. This is until Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) asks Spider-Man to help him with an oncoming threat of immense proportions. Spider-Man must now attempt to juggle being a superhero and a high school student far away from New York.

What Worked

Director Jon Watts returns to the franchise with this sequel and continues Marvel’s pedigree of quality execution. To begin, Spider-Man: Far From Home features amazing CGI from start to finish. The movie’s special effects are executed perfectly. Everything from Spider-Man webbing around the city to Mysterio’s (Jake Gyllenhaal) lavish and beautiful illusions are stunning. With the movie being based around an overseas field trip we get to see some gorgeous sites of Italy and Prague among others. Composer Michael Giacchino returns and gives us imaginative twists on the main theme. Instruments and overall composition have slight tweaks depending on where our crusader happens to be in the world; it’s truly original. All of The Far From Home actors do a great job led by Tom Holland. Holland is the best Spider-Man we’ve had on screen to date. He displays the authenticity of a young high school student on the verge of greatness. Marvel truly struck gold when they discovered this kid. Jokes fly around at rapid pace and all cast members get in on the fun. This could possibly be the funniest Marvel movie to date with nonstop hilarity that definitely lightens the mood after the emotional weight of Avengers: Endgame. Peter’s classmates, led by MJ (Zendaya) and Ned (Jacob Batalon), have expanded roles in this sequel and provide great moments throughout. Finally, Jake Gyllenhaal does a exceptional job as newcomer Mysterio. Fans of the comic will be happy that this classic character is represented authentically. Visually, he looked phenomenal which is very pleasing considering how hard it must be to convert a character like that from page to screen. Long time Spider-Man fans will also be happy with the many cameos throughout the film, including a figure from the past in a mid credit sequence.

What Didn’t Work

While Spider-Man: Far From Home was spectacular, there were some facets that weren’t executed as well as it’s predecessor. For instance, Spider-Man: Far From Home suffers from being littered with too many different characters. With so much focus on Peter Parker and his classmates, characters such as Nick Fury, Maria Hill (Codie Smulders), and Mysterio take a backseat. Mysterio just doesn’t get the backstory and development of Michael Keaton’s Vulture From Homecoming. Although compelling, Mysterio’s lack of depth has him falling short of Vulture’s menacing agenda. There are some character and story aspects that will be confusing for newcomers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe also. Fans of these films, however, will enjoy its seamless fit as a bookend to this chapter of Marvel movies. Lastly, could this new installment be billed as too goofy? The majority of jokes are great, but too many laughs take away from the fact that a city is being demolished.


Following up the emotional roller coaster of Avengers: Endgame with a movie that has a more lighthearted tone was a great play by Marvel. Spider-Man: Far From Home is essentially a teen coming-of-age movie featuring superheroes. Director Jon Watts returns for this sequel creating a fun and entertaining adventure. The movie looks amazing, the acting is very good and the music expands upon the original also. What really makes this movie, however, is how good it makes the viewer feel. With hysterical laughs and entertainment galore Spider-Man: Far From Home is one of the top movies so far this summer. This is definitely a movie that will appeal to comic book fans, but can easily be enjoyed by everyone. The Marvel universe is now left open ended, and there are so many different stories the company can now branch off of. The future movies in the franchise are a mystery for now, but Spider-Man: Far From Home provides the perfect introduction to a new option of possibilities.