Spooky Science Entertains Young Girl Scouts

Spooky-Science-Entertains-Young-Girl-ScoutsOn Saturday, Nov. 1 50 Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts engrossed in the world of science while attending the “Spooky Science” workshop hosted by Senior Girl Scout Troops 3072 and 3164 of Valparaiso. The kindergarten through 3rd grade girls rotated between 10 stations learning about various scientific concepts while having a lot of fun. They learned how to turn on a florescent light bulb using static electricity created by rubbing their hair with a balloon, making sound waves in an activity called “Cluck like a Chicken”, and played with slimy blue stuff while exploring elasticity. Other stations included making root beer, drawing a hard-boiled egg into a bottle with air pressure, holding bubbles made with dry ice and CO2, blowing up a balloon with CO2 gas, and turning solid sand into liquid using corn starch.

Adult volunteer, Mary Costa, held training sessions ahead of time with the Senior Girl Scouts who then explained each of the science concepts to the girls and helped them complete each activity. The 3-hour workshop was held at Trinity Lutheran Church education center.

The Girl Scout program encourages girls to explore STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) through troop activities and events such as those presented at Spooky Science. The Valparaiso Area is currently has many girls who would like to join Girl Scouting but they are lacking adult leaders. Any interested adult is urged to contact Beth Baker through email at su12girlscouts@yahoo.com or phone at 464-2418.