Spot the Differences: Terry’s Discount Windows & More, LLC Shows Off “Before” and “After” Photos

Spot the Differences: Terry’s Discount Windows & More, LLC Shows Off “Before” and “After” Photos
By: Kayla Belec Last Updated: July 2, 2019

Everyone loves a good “Before” and “After” demonstration. Home makeovers make for especially satisfying “Before” and “After” material. Why else do people become so addicted to all those television shows? Sometimes, it’s simple and subtle changes that really make the grade; other times, the total transformation is a must. Terry’s Discount Windows & More, LLC has some HGTV-ready home makeover photos to show off—and we’ve got the “Before” and the “After” shots!

Above we see family home that’s looking a little down on her luck: she’s weathered the storms and faded with the seasons. The roof is looking a little shoddy and the siding is looking dull and dreary. Some freshening up was in order. Now, the bright siding, sharp windows, and fresh roof make this house look brand new! And the mini hangover roof above the entryway is a nice touch. This house now looks like one of a kind and something we’d find in a Midwest Living magazine.

before-after-terrys-2-door These doors look like the doors to an old cellar that houses a haunted laboratory. They may have once been in fashion, but now they’re looking a little dated and standoffish. The new doors are inviting and sophisticated. The rich, warm color puts a guest at ease, and the attractive windows will let in some sunlight. Terry Discount Windows & More LLC specializes in all your exterior door needs, be they steel, fiberglass, or wood.

before-after-terrys-3-windows Yikes. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then windows are the souls of the house. Right? You get the picture. Either way, this house needed some windows and Ta da! Look at those beautiful windows! Already, this house is looking more like a home.

before-after-terrys-4-windows Remember our Midwest Living home from earlier? The backside needed some freshening up, too. What a rejuvenating update! Most noticeable is the new siding. Seeing the comparison just highlights what wonders fresh siding will do for a house, and Terry’s Discount Windows & More LLC offers vinyl, cement, and Smartside siding. Also, the company can install seamless gutters!

before-after-terrys-5-windows Our poor soulless house! She’s seen better days. The house looks like it’s meant to be cozy, but it’s hard to tell through all the disrepair. If only someone could fix her up… Oh, Terry’s Discount Windows & More, LLC can! (Look at that unique stonework—doing away with those awnings was a great call.) Now we can see the home’s pretty face, and those windows really pop.

before-after-terrys-6-windows The windows on this house are looking a little tired and warped. Maybe it’s time for replacements… See, this is an example of how a subtle change can make all the difference. These new windows fit perfectly! Thanks, Terry’s Discount Windows & More, LLC!

before-after-terrys-6-windows While this house has a certain Americana charm to it, it’s worn exterior also has the makings of a stale loaf of Wonder Bread. This house could definitely use some TLC. Then BOOM—proving yet again what a difference new siding makes! The vibe of the house has completely changed. Closer inspection shows that the windows are really the cherry on top of this home makeover sundae.

before-after-terrys-6-windows This cute house blends in with its surroundings to the point of becoming forgettable. Driving down the street, one would likely overlook the home with its blasé hue and dated feel. Now, the house has transformed into a chic, sophisticated dwelling! That Exterior Portfolio Market Square siding in slate, combined with the smart white accents and windows, really makes the home stand out!

before-after-terrys-6-windows A charming farmhouse that feels perhaps a little too authentic…in the sense that one’s mind wanders to the Amityville Horror. This house needs an attitude adjustment! Huzzah! The home now hits the rustic chic right on the mark. By using Exterior Portfolio CraneBoard siding in Regatta Blue with Pearl shakes and accents, Terry’s Discount Windows & More LLC has made this home close-up ready.

before-after-terrys-10-windows This family home is both classic and modern, but she’s not living up to her hybrid status. To fulfill that “instant classic” aura, the house could use with a few subtle tweaks. Afterward, ta-da! This house is FRESH and spiffy! The siding looks sharp and crisp, and the windows have that modern edge. And how about that Versetta stone? The Versetta stone adds an instant face lift to the house. Now, the home stands out!

before-after-terrys-11-windows We can tell this house is unique; the Before picture reveals a rich supply of levels and layers. But like a nerdy ingenue from any ‘90s movie, this house is going to need a makeover to really open everyone’s eyes to her singular beauty. The After picture doesn’t disappoint: look at the poised elegance! The siding really ties the levels together. This house is basically the embodiment of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.