Spotlight on STEM Mentoring: Meet Lizzie & Maralyn

By: Contributor Last Updated: November 22, 2010

Both Valparaiso residents, Lizzie and Maralyn have been paired since August 2010. Lizzie is a home-schooled 8th grader interested in technology and writing. Maralyn is employed with NiSource as a Program Leader in the Environmental, Safety and Sustainability department. STEM-Mentoring-Lizzy-Maralyn

"Working with Discoveries Unlimited and the STEM program has been a very enlightening and rewarding experience for me," says Maralyn. "It is exciting to work with Lizzie, a bright and talented member of our next generation. I have the opportunity to share with her some of my personal experiences with careers, education and technology. I also enjoy getting to see the world a little more through Lizzie's eyes."

Look for Lizzie's Blog, coming soon to our website, Lizzie will share her thoughts on STEM education, being a Mentee, and more!